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here are some terrible chatgpt taglines: "B-Ball Street: The Invisible Handicap" "EconDribble: Game Theorists on the Court" "Market Swish Analysts" "Hooponomics: Slam Dunk Prognosticators"

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Econometricsn't, Dominik Gutt 225 Nuggets View
Decision in process, Zach Ward 165 76ers View
Adrian Colangelo picks, Adrian Colangelo 145 Celtics View
Bad Bet on Health Bracket, SteveBHolt 140 Celtics View
Celtics homer, Mark Chin 140 Celtics View
Jakob PΓΆltl is Bob Ross in the paint, Florian Ederer 130 Bucks View
Cavs4thewin, Risto Markvardt 130 Cavaliers View
Deuce Tatum, Ben Solow 125 Celtics View
Bucks in Six, Peter Nencka πŸ“Š 115 Bucks View
Giannis is Evolutionary David Robinson, Mike Makowsky 115 Bucks View
LAKESHOWWWW, Sarah Bana 100 Bucks View
My greek origins give me an obvious bias, Jean G. 100 Bucks View
JoJo a gogo, Michael Lipsitz 95 76ers View
With No Regard for Human Life, Jason Kerwin 90 Lakers View
Go Cavs!, Paul Thompson 90 Cavaliers View
Jagermeister Bucks, Ebbi 85 Bucks View
Grizzz, Csery 85 Grizzlies View
and friends, Austin Smith 80 Celtics View
the one, rishi04 80 Bucks View
Dunning-Kruger, Rich Patterson 70 Warriors View
Fed Shreds, Reeves 70 Warriors View
Grayson Cruz, Andrew Van Leuven 70 Bucks View
MVPIID, Ezra G. Goldstein 65 76ers View
Letters Bro in 6, Henrik Zaunbrecher 65 Bucks View
PGPT-4.5, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham 55 Suns View
DFinn, Dan Finnegan 55 Suns View
No Jazz, Sad Emoji, Mike Kofoed 40 Bucks View
Kevon Loonajuwon, Sarah Quincy 40 76ers View