Balls to the Wall

Created By: Namson

14 members

Group Website: n/a

$10 buy-in. Winner takes all. If there is a tie for first place, the pot is split equally between all of the first place finishers.

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
🗑️🔮 I am the Oracle, Mike Kim 150 Celtics View
Playoff P, Paul 145 Knicks View
🧛‍♂️ 🦇 , Mike Yi 120 Lakers View
NAMSTRADAMUS, Namson 110 Warriors View
Bleed Green, Al 90 Celtics View
Night Night, PooperScooper 90 Warriors View
Welp, Corgi Dieng 85 Celtics View
leo's lucky charms, John Wall 80 Bucks View
Imugi, Anh Phong Tran 80 Warriors View
Carlson's Picks, Carlson 75 Celtics View
draaaaay yayaaarea, Simran 75 Suns View
Winning bracket, Freddie K 75 Bucks View
A Quick One, 5 FRP For Gowhere 70 Bucks View
Lambchops Cookin', Lambchops 20 Warriors View