Fat Oinkers 2023

Created By: Mike He

17 members

Group Website: profundobaso@gmail.com

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Fun Bracket, Willis 135 Lakers View
Charlotte, SpiderCharChar 130 Lakers View
Lakers Miracle (Joke Bracket 1), Eggs Benedict 130 Lakers View
Fun Bracket, Mike He 125 Lakers View
Real Bracket, Mike He 120 Celtics View
LMC (Real Bracket), Eggs Benedict 120 Celtics View
Serious Bracket, Willis 120 Bucks View
Still only some trust in the Process, Benjamin Franklin Karabasz 120 Bucks View
Win, Jason 105 Lakers View
The One She Tells You Not To Worry About (2nd Bracket), Bill Yu 105 Warriors View
machine, dreamxjei 105 Warriors View
Seung Slayer, Bill Yu 95 Celtics View
Win part 2, Jason 90 Celtics View
Here to reclaim my throne, Michael Seung 90 Suns View
Beamie babies, William 75 Kings View
Embiid 4ever, Julian Vleeschhouwer 55 76ers View
RNG Bracket (Joke Bracket 2), Eggs Benedict 45 Bucks View