Eino and Friends 2023

Created By: Nadav Kirsh

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Oren 🍦, oren zilberman 160 Bucks View
Nadav Kirsh, Nadav Kirsh 135 Bucks View
Nathan, Nathan 120 Bucks View
And the winner is…, Teamshmilo 105 Bucks View
Eino and friends , UV 100 Bucks View
Adi back to back, Adi 100 Warriors View
Avi Zabary, Zabary 95 Warriors View
MJ23goat, Yaron Gil 85 Bucks View
Omer, Eino 85 Bucks View
Ohad, Ohad 80 Celtics View
Ama yaamik official , Itamar 70 Celtics View
Ok, Or Kalish 70 Bucks View