Jack Kane Bracketeers

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
A Complete Guess - Go Nuggets!, Amy Lockhart 285 Nuggets View
Kyrie=finals MVP, Fin 185 Heat View
antitedreampo, CDougall 175 Bucks View
I love basketball , FMckie 115 Celtics View
Bangers and Nash, ICunny 115 Bucks View
Let's go heat!, Callum Hyslop 105 Celtics View
Daddy Randle, Sam 105 Knicks View
Land of the rising 🌞, Cameron Matteo Addison 100 Suns View
NY Knicks 2023 Champions, Adam Cairns 100 Bucks View
Cal The Bracket Boy, calumchrystal 95 Bucks View
Ainslie > Jack Kane, Duncan 95 Celtics View
Small hyssi , Mhairi Hyslop 50 Warriors View