Ja Rules Rules for Life (What Would I Be Without You)

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
lameloball, Edison 105 Suns View
Chef Curry With the Pot (360 with the Wrist Boi), Mr. Hauer 100 Warriors View
Bucking the System, Nwao - My son will not make the playoffs. :( 85 Bucks View
Bracket 1, Sheriff Woody 75 Celtics View
Lassiter, Winning Embiid 75 76ers View
Grizzlies better, johnson 60 Grizzlies View
mr hauer will lose, James buckley 55 Clippers View
Boston Celtics Win, Neil Brautigam 55 Celtics View
Dababy/Kevin Villegas, Kevin Villegas 30 Bucks View