Champagnepapi’s 2023

Created By: Samuel Yemane

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Waarschijnlijk niet, Tom 235 Nuggets View
Big W, Johnkabo 145 Bucks View
Gianinis posterizer, Embiid freethrow merchant 125 Bucks View
Champagnepapi time, Samuel Yemane 90 Suns View
Samuel is a make a swish kid, GIJSSIED 90 Suns View
The game is the game, Sander 85 Warriors View
Ez w, imichaelli 85 Suns View
KD champ, The_Johnson52 80 Suns View
Brodie 4 FMVP, Stein Aka Winner 80 Clippers View
BBQ 🍗 , Botje - Liet 75 Bucks View
Buck in 6, Thomas Fink 65 Bucks View
Memphis > Lakers , RutgerFeikens 60 Suns View
Back 2 bag, Niek jeboi 50 Warriors View