T.O. NBA 2023 Play-off Bracket

Created By: UAhmed

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$25 single entry buy-in OR +$15.00 for additional entry. - $40.00 total. [2 entries max.] . . BRACKET ENTRIES CLOSE ON APRIL 17, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. If there are multiple winners, the winnings will be split among all the tied people in that position. |1st: 90% of the total | 2nd: 10% of the total| **Pts Scoring:** In the first round, you get 10 points for picking the series winner, with an additional 5 point bonus for getting the number of games correct. This doubles in each round all the way through the NBA Finals. [1st round total possible points: (8 series x 10 points) 80 points for series winner + (8 series x 5 points) 40 point bonus = 120 Points] [2nd round total possible points: (4x20) 80 points for series winner + (4x10) 40 bonus points = 120 Points] [Conference finals total possible points: (2x40) 80 points for correct NBA finalist + (2x20) 40 bonus points = 120 Points] [Finals round total possible points: (1x80) 80 points for correct champion + (1x40) 40 bonus points = 120 Points] [Correct Finals MVP pick: +20 points] |Perfect score: 120 points x 4 rounds + 20 Finals MVP points = 500 points| e-transfer $25.00 or $40.00 to usama04@gmail.com with Finals MVP pick and bracket name on the Message box. Brackets will be locked-in before the start of the first game on Monday (04/17/2023) game Good luck! View previous year's results.

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
2nd Bracket, Uzair's Bracket 285 Nuggets View
Mile High City, Nabeel Ashfaq 235 Nuggets View
The Raven, The Raven 235 Nuggets View
5thRing, Fahid Hundal 140 Lakers View
GSW is my team, The Raven 135 Warriors View
Uzi's Bracket, Uzair's Bracket 125 Celtics View
Boston ftw , Mubariz 115 Celtics View
M's picks, UAhmed 110 Warriors View
CP3 Ring szn, UAhmed 105 Suns View
Donating money again , A Ghost Returns 105 Bucks View
Basil's Bracket, Basil Afzal 105 Celtics View
Back2back, Nabeel Ashfaq 90 Warriors View
Ggwp, Nets in 8 90 Celtics View
snakes win, jav 90 Suns View
dubz, jav 80 Warriors View
CP gets a ring, Mubariz 75 Suns View
kid Addy in the cut, kid addy 70 Suns View
In the cut again, kid addy 70 Celtics View
Umar , Umar 65 Suns View