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r/nba's Bracket Challenge for the 2023 NBA Playoffs!

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Yessss I definatly know 7 inch, Ásmundur Hrafn Magnússon 285 Nuggets View
Brinton_Bumgarner, Brinton 285 Nuggets View
中国梦, 习近平 275 Nuggets View
2023 NBA Playoff Bracket, apuzalen 265 Nuggets View
Nugglyfe, OG STANK 260 Nuggets View
Erksz, Eric Singh 245 Nuggets View
Kobe24thewarriors, Harold Gonzalez roque 240 Nuggets View
ShamelessJokicBias, Chidoriyama 235 Nuggets View
RckyMtnBdgr, SamHerm19 230 Nuggets View
Bitch, max renn 225 Nuggets View
davisbertans, davisbertans 225 Nuggets View
Szabolcs's bracket, Szabolcs Muráth 225 Nuggets View
Nuggets Homer, MrWynd 225 Nuggets View
Idontneedaname , Idontneedaname 225 Nuggets View
Dza bravket, Dza1 220 Nuggets View
KappaKeepo, Keppokappa 220 Nuggets View
NugDub, WeWaSwatson 215 Nuggets View
Garbage Day, soups on the house 215 Nuggets View
Aca916 NBA23, Aca916 215 Nuggets View
Pickemwastemytime, pickemswastemytime 215 Nuggets View
dogie1, 307WY21 215 Nuggets View
Top, Josko 215 Nuggets View
Winner, AnimalsRunTheZoo 215 Nuggets View
J, Jan 215 Nuggets View
Plumlees Picks , samwolfsam 210 Nuggets View
Embiid's calf, coapaparaco 210 Nuggets View
The Long Shot, FireworkFuse 210 Nuggets View
Quick Punishment, Markko K. 210 Nuggets View
BKinney 2023, BKinney 210 Nuggets View
nba23, bikehell 205 Nuggets View
Denver Nougats, HyperADHD 205 Nuggets View
mps_cao, mps_cao 205 Nuggets View
Danso, Danso 205 Nuggets View
Finals , Mammoth 205 Nuggets View
Zloggt's Fun Picks, Zloggt 205 Nuggets View
SomborShufflinBaby, u/baldcheesesnek76 200 Nuggets View
SmuggetsWin, Marcoco 200 Nuggets View
Yessir, DocRivers 200 Nuggets View
“Playoffs” - Pitbull, Northlake Sports 200 Nuggets View
Copium, ricab98 195 Bucks View
Orange Crush, Ansley 195 Nuggets View
JOKIC FMVP, katsutama 190 Nuggets View
New High Score, Nathan V PRO 190 Bucks View
hedging my bets, Jaret 190 Nuggets View
Frozen, Anurag Bansal 185 Bucks View
Reddit, Adjudicatorkind 185 Nuggets View
reddit, schao 180 Bucks View
Omar's bracket, Omars 180 Bucks View
bucks-nugs, MRLynch 180 Bucks View
I’m just here so I don’t get fined, Sufian 170 Bucks View
OKC8, MagikarpSplash 170 Celtics View
idk, dawg 170 Bucks View
Caner, caner 170 Bucks View
Bucks win ig , Lulu 165 Bucks View
W, ds 165 Bucks View
i prefer borgar, James Yang 165 Celtics View
voac4y, S G 160 Celtics View
Brad's Bracket, Brad Stevenson 160 Celtics View
Bucks in 6, Supaafast 160 Bucks View
Itzik Bracket, Itzik Hadad 160 Celtics View
Haolin Bracket, Hooshlin 160 Celtics View
The most casual take ever, Shun 160 Lakers View
👀, Scalabrine 160 Celtics View
Celtics, Thereddevil 160 Celtics View
Austin Reaves fan club, Victor C. 155 Lakers View
XxDaCheekymanxX, Bokonon- 155 Bucks View
Brakk , Matteo 155 Bucks View
Bracket1, Raddy 155 Bucks View
Bracket B, G 155 Bucks View
Real things , Emma S 155 Bucks View
Trump 2024, Dando's Ducks 155 Celtics View
Bucks in 6, Frozzler 155 Bucks View
Jaylen Brownie, Santiago Cepeda 155 Celtics View
Bracket, Jason 150 Bucks View
LightTheBeam, GeroyaGev 150 Celtics View
sngk, SnGk 150 Bucks View
Ppp, Rocktra 🏴 150 Bucks View
lebron the goat, face2face 150 Lakers View
Celtics Glory, Itzik Hadad 150 Celtics View
Going Back to Back, Navid Vatan 145 Celtics View
SuperSaiyanBracketGod, JayMelo 145 Lakers View
Bracket2, LetHimCook 145 Bucks View
Go Celtics!!! (Unbiased ), Cheeriofun17 145 Celtics View
Buckle Up, Fuckleheads, Frank Yang 145 Celtics View
One, DaydreamNugget 145 Bucks View
The real ome, Cole 145 Bucks View
CP Bracket, Chai 145 Bucks View
Bucks in 6 AGAIN?!, Pixie 145 Bucks View
ughhh, willbottomforembiid 140 Celtics View
In6, Colorapt0r 140 Bucks View
Keith Van Horn is my Homie, MT✌🏻 140 Celtics View
my bold predictions, silly billy 140 Celtics View
Photonic Picks, PhotonicBoom21 140 Bucks View
Das Bracket, TheWanderingFish 140 Bucks View
1, axxx6969 140 Suns View
I give no F$&@s about the Bucks!, Peter Nwokoro 140 Bucks View
Cinco de Cuatro, Cuatro Quattro 140 Bucks View
Disco Time, Chips And Salsa 140 Bucks View
Днвр сзн , Монолазикус 140 Bucks View
I'm an idiot, Hiegh 140 Bucks View
דיגןןן, רון דגן 140 Bucks View
JKL Playoffs23, Jens-Kaidar Liiu 140 Celtics View
2023 nba playoffs, James Lugo 140 Bucks View
Slam jam , Dom 140 Celtics View
essa, Mattias Malk 135 Celtics View
Nba playoffs, Ash Aidan 135 Celtics View
celtic6, lefebrave 135 Celtics View
LeMickey , CrackHeadTim 135 Lakers View
C Us Rise, Anirudh 135 Celtics View
poggy woggy, JanetBeanz 135 Celtics View
lilteapot's bracket, lilteapot 135 Warriors View
SGALLNBA, Ydhflx 135 Celtics View
CF-H190L, HATE US CAUSE THEY ANUS 135 Celtics View
Jays4life, fcpeter11 135 Celtics View
Nameoftwohalves 2023, Nameoftwohalves 135 Bucks View
GG L SHOW, G 135 Lakers View
Bold Bracket, Jayson Tatum Supremacy 135 Celtics View
Navpreet, Kamaljeet 135 Lakers View
Unjinformed, Jin 135 76ers View
1, megadethlover 130 76ers View
Bracket 1, Zeus2709 130 Bucks View
Basic, Sameer Alam 130 Bucks View
Dane NBA 2023, Dane 🌐🏳️‍🌈🧦 130 Bucks View
CalsPerfectBracket, Calvin 130 Celtics View
Miracle, Audrian Penaflorida 130 Lakers View
Stream Maisie Peters, Lan 130 Bucks View
Boston in 6, Kevin Schapelhouman 130 Celtics View
Quandale Dingle, DXKO 130 Bucks View
MambaMentality, April Cerine 130 Lakers View
RiLo’s Picks, Riley 130 Bucks View
Haimhaifa, Haimhaifa 130 Suns View
pierrely holding on , phenty beauty 125 Bucks View
SacKingz23, ChiChii 🌺 125 Bucks View
one final taste of disappointment, Bojangles 125 Lakers View
I Agree, Go Cavs, ZoneCompeteEnergy 125 Cavaliers View
buckdiddy, buckdiddy 125 Bucks View
I WANT MY PARADE, wave 125 Lakers View
Best, GeekTrollMemeCentral 125 Knicks View
AirbalLZZZ, Mister Airball 125 Bucks View
nba, Kaiz 125 Lakers View
first go, Waduhekisdees 125 Bucks View
Objective facts , Bob Cousy the Builder 125 Celtics View
2023 NBA Playoffs Predictions, scxm_likely 125 Suns View
wherearemypaaants, wherearemypaaants 125 Celtics View
Kaljaa, Kaljakarhu 125 Celtics View
diavolo1, diavolo 125 Celtics View
Rockets on fire🔥, יצחקי 125 Suns View
Nba, PPMDaily 125 Bucks View
Deer District, jja4tFGbFWfgbS2 125 Bucks View
Kelsey’s Bracket, Peter Nwokoro 125 Celtics View
Omer’s bracket , Omer Gat 125 Celtics View
Playoffs 2023, Aggi 125 Celtics View
Tatum., ᴊᴏᴀ 125 Celtics View
REAL, daidu 125 Bucks View
CLE2023, specialk13 120 Bucks View
Tata peti, Vekiii 120 Bucks View
18th, Ali 120 Lakers View
Marcus Smart Victory Bracket, marcusSmartFan 120 Celtics View
Bracket, mdw987 120 Bucks View
my bracket, poopoo6969 120 Bucks View
Nba thing, TraeYoungHair 120 Bucks View
Omer Mazig, omermazig 120 Celtics View
AA6, AA6 120 Bucks View
E, Anish1102 120 Bucks View
Yomama , Mrwendall 120 Celtics View
Yosie, Yoasie 120 Bucks View
Poole party , Emma S 120 Warriors View
CLE1376, specialk13 120 Cavaliers View
NoamG, Noam 120 Bucks View
No good name bracket , Danny Bulshtein 120 Celtics View
Collins Bracket, Collin Walter 120 Lakers View
Lebron gonna get that 5th Ring, Nathan Tran 120 Lakers View
BBQ Chicken, Mylthon Poulino 120 Bucks View
-----, Jason 115 Warriors View
Rizz God, Jason Singh 115 Warriors View
Shahab Shaolian, Shahab Shaolian 115 Celtics View
1, captain_ahabb 115 Bucks View
JRoc90210, JRoc90210 115 Warriors View
Taz, Taz 115 Lakers View
Buks, Khz23 115 Bucks View
GSW, lexo 115 Warriors View
Garfield Cadets, Garfield Cadets 115 76ers View
God, Jidegu 115 Lakers View
oozra braket, Ezra 115 Bucks View
Meow, 8lank-8lank 115 Lakers View
LargeTurtle, jsbcello 115 Suns View
#1, LogicalSnake 115 Bucks View
KrishNBA, Krish 115 Suns View
workignweab's bracket, workingweab 115 Bucks View
dkazm01, dkazm01 115 Lakers View
Hope it is not how I put it, Edo 115 Bucks View
WHO 2 CHOOSE? IDK???, sumitsyal 115 Lakers View
Is it a Brick, Jesse Amon 115 Lakers View
LeBolha, Mr. Devaz 115 Lakers View
Tfunk, Turrr 110 Cavaliers View
LAL, SatuCinta 110 Lakers View
I wish, Jeff 110 Lakers View
Rich_Mitchmond, Rich Mitchmond 110 Bucks View
probably not, WallJ 110 Lakers View
Playoffs, scalizo 110 Lakers View