2023 Spider 2Y Banana

Created By: Matthew Morales

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Matt Mo - Jokic MVP, Matthew Morales 260 Nuggets View
W over Brennan , Anne 140 Celtics View
Ant1, Ant 110 Celtics View
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Anu 95 Suns View
Bucks in 6, Johnny Pezoulia 95 Bucks View
Brennan Perfect Bracket, Brennan Triche 90 Bucks View
Better than at least half of you, Brenner Keaton 85 Bucks View
The Objectively Correct Bracket That Can't Be Wrong, Michael Morales 75 Suns View
When I Feel Like Zion, William Lee 70 Bucks View
Blind, Strate 55 Celtics View