Boofs, Brackets and Two Frothy Barrels

Created By: Nicholas Talboys

14 members

$25 Bracket Pick ‘Em Tourney 1st: 75% 2nd: 25% Venmo @Nick-Talboys

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Warriors suck, Primus sucks, David Pardy 250 Nuggets View
Pwns Hyland , Funkymoose 230 Nuggets View
Balls Deep in Frothy Brackets, Nicholas Talboys 165 Lakers View
Protester in the street, Your 2023 champ 130 Bucks View
This is The Way, Tones 125 Bucks View
Pat Bev’s Serenity Resort and Spa, Alex 120 Lakers View
Weenus Puns, Bwell 115 Suns View
Vanderbeef Rules, blakeybo 115 Bucks View
poopooplatter69, renny 90 Kings View
Multiple boofgasms, Multiple scoregasms 80 Warriors View
Le boofs neighbors, Multiple scoregasms 80 Warriors View
Hitoki Pux, Bwell 80 Bucks View
🤷🏼‍♀️, Katie ‘didn’t watch a single game this season’ Nobes 80 76ers View
Giannis Upon Us, Ben C 75 Bucks View