liga b darom

Created By: EYD

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winner is getting 1pick next year!

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
NirF, Nir fershtman 155 Celtics View
A Shot in the Dark, Noam Hollander 140 Celtics View
The phoneix dream, Alex Kipper 120 Suns View
Bruh, NoderVedoker 110 76ers View
Segev, Segev 90 Celtics View
no clue bracket, ROTY Nahamias 90 Suns View
Road to the final, Saar.s 85 Bucks View
On the road again, Mozes T 85 Warriors View
nadavh, EYD 80 Celtics View
Yoav, Yoav 80 Suns View
Injury Riddled Yellins, Arbelon 80 Celtics View