NBA Playoffs 2023

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
fal 23 , Poulos 150 Bucks View
Bucks in 6 AGAIN?!, Pixie 145 Bucks View
OX, Hs jr 135 76ers View
Ben’sDelusionalBracket, Benjamin Brueggemann 130 Lakers View
Zaid, Zaid 125 Celtics View
Reda, Reda 125 Suns View
KarimH, Baller 120 Knicks View
AA, AminaA 120 Knicks View
Albert 3, Albert 115 Bucks View
The winner from 5 years ago, AmineBenk 105 Celtics View
YoussefH, Youssef 100 Suns View
SJ that rhymes with MJ the goat, SJ 100 Suns View
AminaKad, Kad 100 Bucks View
Othman T, Othman1982 90 Suns View
AliH, Baller 90 76ers View
'23 NBA Play-offs, th3doukkalist 90 Warriors View
Mp15, MPtheGOAT 90 Celtics View
Josh Bracket, Josh Baron 90 Knicks View
Mahmouds, Mahmouds 85 Warriors View
Josh Bracket 2, Josh Baron 85 Suns View
Mehdi Hs, Hs jr 80 Knicks View
Hind, Hind C 75 Bucks View
Josh Bracket 3, Josh Baron 75 Bucks View
YassineH, Baller 65 Lakers View
Jack McCarthy, Jack McCarthy 65 Suns View
Nas, Anas 55 Suns View