NBK Bracket Challenge 2023

Created By: Andy N

6 members

Group Website: NBKFam.com

The 2nd NBK Bracket Challenge - Join the NBKfam.com for some fun and fill out Your NBA Playoff 2023 bracket

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
newyorkse, NewYorkSe 175 Bucks View
Diehard , Diehardknickspodcast 95 Knicks View
Andy 1, Andrzej Nowak 85 Bucks View
Mp91, MPtheGOAT 85 Bucks View
One, Sucka-Free Savvy D 85 Celtics View
KnicksNationGermany, Knicksdeejay46 80 Knicks View