KFAJR (Knicks Fans Against Julius Randle)

Created By: Henry Thayer

13 members

Group Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtTMPEJgeFs&ab_channel=ChazNBA

I'll root for him but I won't enjoy it.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
I hope I win!, Erin Oros 200 Nuggets View
And I Took That Personally, Bliv 165 Celtics View
I Am Inevitable, Eric V 145 Celtics View
You’re Welcome, EV, Brad 135 Celtics View
David Stern’s inside knowledge , Andres Romero 130 Suns View
Oakley's Car Wash, MPK 130 Suns View
Previously the Splendid Passer, Mike Thayer 125 Knicks View
LeWinning Bracket, Kieran Valla 120 Lakers View
repeating of course , Marcos Ravelo 105 Warriors View
Knicks, Please Draft Andre Jackson Jr., Henry Thayer 90 Bucks View
A little bit stitious, I’m not superstitious 75 76ers View
Shea Kraniski, Shea Kraniski 70 76ers View
The Very Scary Ghosts, Sean Krasinski 55 76ers View