Big Pete’s Bracket Challenge

Created By: Peter Nwokoro

9 members

May the best Nwokoro win

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Sumo 2, Kim Frink 170 Celtics View
Sumo 3, Kim Frink 155 Celtics View
Jared, Jared 150 Celtics View
I give no F$&@s about the Bucks!, Peter Nwokoro 140 Bucks View
Kelsey’s Bracket, Peter Nwokoro 125 Celtics View
Sumo 1, Kim Frink 100 Celtics View
Boston in 4!, Peter Nwokoro 90 Celtics View
Dfh 2, Dfhomsy 85 Celtics View
Dfhomsy, Dfhomsy 75 Suns View