BBU 2023 Playoff Predictions

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Lowdown, LowDownChris 210 Nuggets View
Stroker run, Juice 205 Nuggets View
Rohans Script , Rohan_Kamat 185 Celtics View
THE bracket , Nouthegr8 165 Bucks View
Winning Bracket , AJ24 155 Celtics View
totally thought this in a logical manner, The_Last_One 145 Celtics View
Hoop Venue , Hoop Venue 145 Celtics View
Sher's super correct bracket, Sher23 145 Celtics View
Machine Knows Ball, xMxchine_ 145 Bucks View
Celtic Jays, og_hvrps 140 Celtics View
Albert 2, Albert 135 Celtics View
BBU bracket, DrissTheKing 135 Celtics View
bombogoon, bombogoon 135 Celtics View
Mustardology, Omo Mustard 135 Bucks View
LOW Bracket, LegendOfWinning 135 Bucks View
nba , ramires1 135 Bucks View
oli bracket, OLI 120 Lakers View
GiannisOtherBurner, GiannisOtherBurner 115 Bucks View
lakeshow, lakers in 4 115 Lakers View
BIG UPS 🤞🏽🤞🏽, Asad 115 Cavaliers View
Bracket , Ozi 110 Suns View
ibambah bracket, MidRangeGod™️ 110 Celtics View
It’s Mine, Ashcoolyo 100 Warriors View
BBU playoff Bracket 2023, Cabo 100 Celtics View
FTW, DosOreos 100 Bucks View
Elmo’s Bracket, Elmo 100 Suns View
nicknbagenda, Nicknbagenda 95 Warriors View
Playoff bracket , nihalm 90 Celtics View
my bracket, tobiased_harris 90 Celtics View
Ky Rittenhouse, poppinfreshboo 90 Suns View
THB, thb 90 Bucks View
Mainly Jumpers, nmzhoops 85 Bucks View
The one, Bee 85 Bucks View
Derts NBA prediction bracket, DertTheSequel 80 Celtics View
Tweenhesi , tweenhesi 80 Bucks View
r yen's script, r yen 80 Bucks View
bucks , wodei 80 Bucks View
inshallah, Fuego 80 Suns View
Watched ZERO NBA this season but I'M WINNING 😤 , SaddoMcDaddo 80 Bucks View
Romp, Romp 75 76ers View
30r, KZ 75 Warriors View
Philly in fo , Michael O 75 Not selected View
Bracket 1, Jah @RipSlumpy 70 Celtics View
CaptainCluch., YK777 70 Bucks View
Zeiy, Zeiy 70 Suns View
This is what will happen lol, hooparj 65 76ers View
money bracket @defnotPT, ✫PT 65 Bucks View
HoodieEmbiid, HoodieEmbiid 60 76ers View
HarGoat, Lamont 60 76ers View
Beard man, Slam Whittmore (Chuck) 60 76ers View
Ivyben1, ranger12 55 76ers View
Bracket of Destiny, Aidan Doc 50 76ers View
FearWillx 2023 Playoff bracket , FearWillx 45 76ers View
TROLLOLOLOL, VPaddle 30 76ers View