OG West Bracket Challenge

Created By: Adil Akbar

10 members

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Doncic on these nuts, Alan Nguyen 105 Warriors View
the third eye of hummus, Humza 95 Celtics View
akbardynasty, Adil Akbar 80 Celtics View
Winner, Alhamdilullah Irving 80 Suns View
West Side Reppin OG West, Jo 80 Suns View
Spankbank, Srivathsan Ramesh 75 Suns View
Nati’s bracket, Natnael Ayele 70 Suns View
Kjb, Kalin Bhavan 65 Bucks View
Jon Jo, Jonathan Joseph 60 Suns View
Nguyener , Justin 55 Suns View