Shoot that Ho Jabari!!!

Created By: Alain Jean

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Group Website: Shootthatho

You know what time it is…nba playoffs is here..bring your a game otherwise the creator of this group may have to take it from y’all like he did in fantasy football. Shoot that Ho!!

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Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Feel the Heat, W⭐P 180 Heat View
Guru, DAJ_GURU 140 Celtics View
Trappin out the Vando on the D-Lo, Alain Jean 130 Lakers View
Not yo bracket: Ronnie B, Ronnie B aka Lebron’s Hairline 115 Lakers View
Schroder Been Records , Alain Jean 110 Lakers View
Taking my talents to Tampa, Donté 70 Bucks View
Ja Rules & Murder Inc , Russell Eastbrook 55 Grizzlies View