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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Lesgoo Nuggets, With the 41st pick, Denver select Nikola Jokic 205 Nuggets View
Nba_criptology, Câmpean Liviu 175 Bucks View
St.PattyDay, Bucur Vlad 170 Celtics View
Surprize, surprize, Paul Pop 160 Bucks View
Alin R, Alin Retegan 120 Celtics View
Maybe, Rusu Cordunean Rares 100 Lakers View
GoingAllTheWay, Vali2213 90 Lakers View
Akinfenwa Slam, Marcu 85 Bucks View
Bet on this and you'll get the Bucks!, Bogdan Coste 85 Bucks View
Nba, Kurta George 75 Suns View