Minnesota Muskies

Created By: Joe Nelson

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It’s that time of year again! Will KD lead the Suns to their first title? Are the Lakers flipping the switch? Is it Embiid’s year? Fill out an NBA Playoffs bracket and prove you know hoops. Since it’s short notice, deadline is Monday afternoon. We can play for fun or for money if people want. ($10? Or more?) Let me know if you want to play for money, 2nd place would get their money back, winner gets the rest. Good luck!

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Scoring: Standard

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Daddy Dawg, Joseph C. Collins 95 Bucks View
My take, Ted Ngeh 85 Suns View
Glue Girl Revival, Joe Nelson 70 Bucks View
Shea-1, Shea 65 Bucks View
Minott's Lawncare Service, Minott's Lawncare Service 65 Bucks View