James Hard-on Whinery and Bar

Created By: Scrotum Factotum

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James Harden's signature Shiraz is an extra-full-bodied FAT WHINE with dark, hairy tannins. It sucks and it ruined the NBA. Also featured is Luka Donkey Bitch, a nauseating Chardonnay that will make you and your mom cry in the same afternoon but for different reasons. For those slighter in stature but still all about whine, a Chris Paul red/white spritzer is available if you hug his mom. $50 cover

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Nick Van Exel Free Throws, Scrotum Factotum 140 Bucks View
Rodman's North Korean jamboree, NowHowWillWeCollectPeaches? 95 Lakers View
It’s Always Rainy in Boston, CMcMaster 90 Celtics View
CUM, Adam S 90 Bucks View
The cream rises, PennyHardaway 90 Warriors View