2024 kejcord

Created By: met

42 members

Group Website: discord.gg/kanye

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
chain awesome sauce, chain510 155 Nuggets View
awesome bracket, glo 150 Mavericks View
impourinhoneyonyougoaat, kain 140 Celtics View
Pure delusion, Nut Cracker 140 Celtics View
Danny daniel mr danny april , Danny (Real Picks) 140 Nuggets View
WinnerTakesDoncic2024, JR Wiles 135 Mavericks View
strategytop7612, StrategyTop7612 135 Celtics View
Maize, BigMaize 135 Thunder View
gucci_garrett back to back, gucci_garrett 135 Nuggets View
delusion, saberspunk 130 Lakers View
The script, goated matt 130 Celtics View
lols, met 125 Celtics View
Kay, Kay 125 Nuggets View
best bracket, sym 125 Nuggets View
i need someone to dominate me mmmpfh, eesti 120 Nuggets View
vomits luka glaze, vomit 120 Mavericks View
NUGZ NATION, 5dot 120 Nuggets View
izeezus, izeezus 120 Nuggets View
I want the Celtics , Pp spray craig 110 Celtics View
im trying 😃, clairesuicide 110 76ers View
bias knicks fan, choppersolos 110 Knicks View
landons bracket, Landon 105 Nuggets View
lunathelunatheluna bracket, luna8 105 Nuggets View
This will happen, AKKO 105 Thunder View
cena, Cena 100 Nuggets View
edick new york knicks, edřick 95 Nuggets View
Zo's Clairvoyant Bracket, Zo (the really gay and black one just in case there is another) 95 Knicks View
THUGGETS, Jordan Shefferd 95 Nuggets View
truret6545vbbxtdgfr, neil944 95 Nuggets View
Nuggs Bac to Bac, Jordan Shefferd 85 Nuggets View
raff 2024, raff 80 Celtics View
GO CLIPS WE WIN THESE, Zelkia 80 Clippers View
Konny, Konny 75 76ers View
winning bracket, wooster 75 Cavaliers View
toucheCS2's Bracket, Dylan M 75 Celtics View
RushmoorWarriors, Theo Dryden 70 Pelicans View
Phoenixzd, Zadar 70 Suns View
Oasis, Oasis 65 Celtics View
wooohoooo, Werrith 55 Nuggets View
heartB4mind, Bluefacedpuma 50 Clippers View
delulu picks (random num gen), GyliuDot 50 Clippers View
dalts very true bracket, dalt 30 Lakers View