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2024 NBA playoff predictions

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Hino1, Hinojosa 210 Timberwolves View
Csin22, lefebrave 180 Celtics View
Seyi, Seyi M 170 Celtics View
Ring-A-Ling, Jericho Leighton 165 Celtics View
OptaJones, Joonas Kuusemäe 165 Celtics View
*sad beam noises*, KingsElite 155 Celtics View
Pistons in 6, Marco Claudio Perego 150 Nuggets View
8pm in Gotham, Jonviét 150 Nuggets View
Don't want DEN to win again, Jens-Kaidar Liiu 150 Celtics View
Bracket, snw 150 Nuggets View
Bay Tahmin, Orkun 150 Celtics View
Jerome Kersey, Xaratsi 150 Nuggets View
Raptors😢, Mart van der krabben 150 Timberwolves View
Tatum's Time2, Rome 145 Celtics View
nebk, NEBK 145 Mavericks View
Barbarian12345, OTownNBA 145 Celtics View
Rexbij, Rexbij 145 Celtics View
Luka, FalloPalani 145 Mavericks View
2024 Tatum Finals MVP, Jayson Tatum Supremacy 145 Celtics View
4anillos3conLesiones, Diego Gonzalezz 140 Nuggets View
Accurate, EASYMONEY 140 Nuggets View
I am wrong, Thebrnone 140 Nuggets View
MvW, Mike1984 140 Celtics View
Rafa's Bracket 2024, RafaVina 140 Nuggets View
potpourri, Antoine Ballard 140 Nuggets View
Ewing 2, Albert 140 Celtics View
JOKIC15bemydad, dukszi51 140 Nuggets View
一带一路, 习近平 140 Nuggets View
2024 NBA, Chidoriyama 140 Nuggets View
Bald man win, Yasser 140 Celtics View
strategytop7612, StrategyTop7612 135 Celtics View
Manic Picksy Dream Girl, Jonathan Grotesk Sans 135 Celtics View
hmm.., Davalam 135 Nuggets View
go mavs?, nba the truth 135 Mavericks View
nba champs 2024, Krunal 135 Thunder View
Caleb and BIG REDS Bracket YAY!!!, Caleb 135 Celtics View
Jack's Perfect Bracket, Jack's Perfect Bracket 135 Bucks View
Hardy Party, dtbrehm 135 Mavericks View
Perfect Preparation - LAtotheA, LAtotheA 135 Celtics View
bracket name, Angad Srinivasan 135 Nuggets View
Adam Silver's Moneyline, cobradragon4373 135 Celtics View
et tu, jontay?, Al 135 Nuggets View
DiscountToVintage, DiscountBlazerTakes 130 Not selected View
idk, megadethlover 130 Mavericks View
delusion, saberspunk 130 Lakers View
As green as piccolo, Pipolo 130 Celtics View
Message From the Future, MRLynch 130 Celtics View
crap bracket, bag of crap 130 Celtics View
Back 2 Back Joker, Tingy 130 Nuggets View
ilan, ilan 130 Celtics View
Furkan, winsanity 130 Mavericks View
Subscribe to the MF Pod, JC34K 130 Bucks View
SIXERS, Slugboy 125 76ers View
lols, met 125 Celtics View
NBA 2024, Jessedogg 125 Celtics View
stream9, syp2207 125 Celtics View
Fowad1, Fowad 125 Celtics View
CLE2026, specialk13 125 Celtics View
MZH24, MZH4 125 Celtics View
2024, soletti 125 Mavericks View
Winning, Ido D. Sellinger 125 Nuggets View
The Truth, livejamie 125 Suns View
crazyei8hts 2, crazyei8hts 125 Nuggets View
AIN'T NOBODY BEATIN' DENVER, Ruben 125 Nuggets View
Utterly Immaculate - LAToTheA, LAtotheA 125 Nuggets View
Rodney N, Rodney N 125 Celtics View
real, BracketGod 125 Celtics View
RIP LAKERS 2024, Laker Army 125 Nuggets View
I'm something of a basketball analyst myself, Pizza Time 🍕 125 Celtics View
Nuggets in 5, Arya 120 Nuggets View
f mfs, Ron 120 Celtics View
Crawdaddys75 , David Watts 120 Mavericks View
Pravi MVP, Derekwockee 120 Mavericks View
george's georgeous bracket , George R 120 Celtics View
kawaii desu ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა, Jeff Chen 120 Clippers View
Brunson Burners, Major Glory Bag Alert 120 Knicks View
Waitamomentic , Cristian 120 Celtics View
Guess I win, Wackah 120 Celtics View
Trey Ngo's Bracket 2, Trey Ngo 120 Mavericks View
ktran10, kt 120 Nuggets View
yuh, sosa 120 Nuggets View
Rhondel B Bracket, ras 120 Celtics View
Nugglyfe, ImGonnaChubbBradley 115 Nuggets View
2024Yoffs, Test Name 115 Celtics View
Blaine’s Bracket, Blaine Widmer 115 Nuggets View
Dan, Scalabrine 115 Celtics View
7️⃣7️⃣, Isi 115 Mavericks View
Robs-fortuneTeller, Robs 115 Nuggets View
basketball-gm.com, dumbmatter 115 Celtics View
Toota, Andre' 115 Thunder View
Maybe, Michael W 110 Nuggets View
SP, shlomi 110 Celtics View
ez, knicksaregood 110 Knicks View
Bruschi85, Bruschi85 110 Celtics View
wish at play in, Csery 110 Pacers View
Semih 2024 it‘s true!, Wang Zhi Zhi 110 Nuggets View
Confia Joca, André Sousa 110 Nuggets View
goatlife, Kebab 110 Nuggets View
My glorious king, my sugar plum bron bron, quinn 110 Celtics View
Runnin it back, Asad 110 Nuggets View
Goatjames, Nafii 110 Lakers View
typeshi, huh124 110 Celtics View
Bucksin7, Tahie4 105 Bucks View
baka offs, Hamza 105 Nuggets View
First Bracker, Nipun 105 Nuggets View
Fake Nostradamus, Mark Signo 105 Lakers View
landons bracket, Landon 105 Nuggets View
Lakers. Fakers. Salt ‘n peppa shakers. Don’t matter. Nuggets in ‘fo, J Smoove 105 Nuggets View
Idk, zeta3105 105 Nuggets View
peale playini, Mattias Malk 105 Nuggets View
G1, GmC221 100 Celtics View
Clippers goin all the way, bucksfanalways 100 Clippers View
Tspark Choices, Tspark 100 Celtics View
last chance, Brandon Huynh 100 Clippers View
scripted , batman123 100 Nuggets View
THE TRUTH, DD 100 Celtics View
The Truth , Alessio De Simone 100 Thunder View
Knicks in 6, Nicholas Costanzo 100 Nuggets View
Tingis Pingis Wins a Ringis, Anirudh 100 Celtics View
Karma for Cavs, Nathan V PRO 100 Nuggets View
THE ONE, Joshua Fernandes 100 Celtics View
Qawesome, Q-Awesome 100 Mavericks View
Play🍗s 2024, iMosh 100 Nuggets View
edog2, Eric Brown 100 Celtics View
YouTube - @Mulyse, Troy 95 Clippers View
1, kobbled 95 Celtics View
MVP Shai, Ghen 95 Thunder View
No. 18, Dor Ben-Senior 95 Celtics View
THUGGETS, Jordan Shefferd 95 Nuggets View
Bamboo, Karli Väits 95 Pelicans View
Back 2 Back, Ásmundur Hrafn Magnússon 95 Nuggets View
Weakest Referee Fan , tornado trick enjoyer 95 Nuggets View
PO2k24, NINE 95 Celtics View
Nuggets Double Dip 🃏, Nathan Gyori 95 Nuggets View
Trey Ngo's Bracket, Trey Ngo 95 Lakers View
Nuggets_era, HakunaMatata 95 Nuggets View
KPFMVP, PokeDude 95 Celtics View
Pessimistic Bracket, Ahri 95 Nuggets View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 95 Nuggets View
rdelfes, Rafael Delfes Branco 95 Celtics View
Slick Rick, Slick Rick 90 Nuggets View
ForKobeAndGigi, Wout 90 Celtics View
Cusrise, יוני123 90 Celtics View
bracket 1, Dakoda 90 Celtics View
LeGoat, Lucas Galhardo 90 Lakers View
12, abrh 90 Nuggets View
IT'S GOOOOOOD, Mr John D'Arcy 90 Celtics View
Poop Nugget, ByGoneClaw 90 Nuggets View
kai 2024, kai2296 90 Nuggets View
Bracket, J L 85 Celtics View
Patrick´s in-genius, Patrick Austen 85 Thunder View
Nuggs Bac to Bac, Jordan Shefferd 85 Nuggets View
bracket1, choochoo 85 Nuggets View
Yeah OK, Ali Ravanchi 85 Celtics View
Win, milesnmilesnmiles 85 Nuggets View
Nuggets in 6, Zining Zhu 85 Nuggets View
BaliShaq, Maco 85 Nuggets View
Playoffs 2024, El Primo 80 Celtics View
Luigi, luisdcnt 80 Celtics View
a, TeeF 80 Celtics View
ashaco, ashaco 80 Thunder View
okcallthewaybaby, Landon 80 Thunder View
Joey Buscareno , Joey Buscareno 80 Celtics View
go flippers, modesto_rosado 80 Clippers View
Maby01, Mabilana 80 Celtics View
AKUMPO, DXKO 80 Bucks View
Kaan, Kaan 80 Nuggets View
Probably not happening, 001011010 80 Nuggets View
Celtics, Konzul 80 Celtics View
cookie, deccy 75 76ers View
Idk, MC2 75 Clippers View
Mattz1127, Mattz1127 75 Celtics View
bracket1, diavolo 75 Nuggets View
meh, Jericho Leighton 75 Celtics View
2024 Bracket, Chris King 75 Celtics View
gamewqiz2x3, JCM 75 Nuggets View
Sean20240419, Sean Ho 75 Nuggets View
toucheCS2's Bracket, Dylan M 75 Celtics View
Letzgoceltics, San eme te rio 75 Celtics View
Believe, Adam BB 75 Celtics View
Tobey, Pizza Time 🍕 75 Nuggets View
RushmoorWarriors, Theo Dryden 70 Pelicans View
Phoenixzd, Zadar 70 Suns View
Ball dont lie - full court press edition, Inspekta Mwala 70 Celtics View
2024 playoffs, scxm_likely 70 Lakers View
Le'Bryan Nash, chronichaos 70 Lakers View
Retro Rewind, Ghost Rider 70 Clippers View
20 / 24 Champs! #LakersIn6, davy PRO 65 Lakers View
Dine, Agus3868 65 Bucks View
wish, JuraT 65 Lakers View
99 problems but a swish ain't one, Msee mnoma 65 Lakers View
lord, cocamilo420 60 Nuggets View
Dreams, Hemy 60 Suns View
Noah Tsipursky, Noah Tsipursky 60 Thunder View
JCM bracket, JCM 60 Celtics View
b1, chance 55 Clippers View
Optimistic Bracket, Ahri 55 Magic View
Acerta tudo , rods1926 55 Celtics View
Miami Heat 2023-24 NBA Champions, Vincent Earl Aquino Cadano 50 Heat View