Thursday Ballers

Created By: Shem Tov

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
8 is in the blood, Yon 165 Nuggets View
Midrange Magic, Yuval Bresler 160 Nuggets View
All_I_Do_Is_Win, Shem Tov 145 Celtics View
Mamba Out ✌️, Shay 135 Nuggets View
Bracket for sale ($200), Omer Baryo (1xWinner of World Cup 2022 bet) 135 Nuggets View
The Sorcerer🪄🧙‍♂️, Roey Feuerstein 125 Nuggets View
Jruewish Holiday, Jruewish New Year 120 Celtics View
Fundamental Guy, Guy 115 Nuggets View
NoamN, NoamN 110 Nuggets View
EL 2024, Aa789456 95 Celtics View
Gali's Cash, Gali 95 Mavericks View
Tom's crazy bracket, Tom 95 Nuggets View
Geva, Geva 90 Nuggets View
Shahar, Shahar 85 Celtics View
Omer Lubi the Lion, Omer 80 Nuggets View
Hoopocalypse, Dani 80 Nuggets View
Gelmanzinho, Gelmanzinho 50 Celtics View