Fat Oinkers 2024

Created By: Mike He

14 members

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Real Bracket, Mike He 130 Nuggets View
Real Bracket, Eggs Benedict 130 Nuggets View
Yes, I'd like One Order of Chicken McNuggets with Sweet n Sour Sauce Please, Michael Seung 130 Nuggets View
Knicks 2025, Julian Vleeschhouwer 125 Nuggets View
Real, Jason 115 Lakers View
JZ, ithd 115 Suns View
New York City is the Knicks of America, William 110 Knicks View
bracket, Derek 105 Celtics View
weird_guesses, dreamxjei 90 Celtics View
The Process is being over trusted in this bracket., Benjamin Franklin Karabasz 80 Celtics View
RNG Bracket (Joke Bracket 2), Eggs Benedict 75 Bucks View
Willis's Backup Bracket (Joke Bracket 1), Eggs Benedict 70 Lakers View
Fake, Jason 65 Nuggets View
Fun Bracket, Mike He 60 Lakers View