Created By: Luka magic

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Group Website: sagilam@gmail.com

גבעת חיים מאוחד

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
111, Noam Tavor 130 Nuggets View
HAZIZA, Luka magic 130 Nuggets View
EZ7, פולוקרוב 130 Celtics View
kaki shel boof 2, kaki shel boof 2 125 Nuggets View
No shit, Notshital 120 Nuggets View
Hazakan, Erez magal 115 Celtics View
I'lll be at the beach, I wonder why? 110 Celtics View
The Wizard, Aviv Kaplan 100 Nuggets View
א. דרך המלך השני, Elad794 100 Celtics View
King James, GOAT 95 Nuggets View
The Diesel, The Diesel 95 Nuggets View
The flying dutchman, The Flying Dutchman 90 Nuggets View
Tropical , The Chief 85 Nuggets View
דבוק, Orgil 75 Suns View
בובאן המלך, The real deal בוף 75 Nuggets View