2024 MMS Playoffs

Created By: Jeff C. Milligan

13 members

Please send $20 to jeffmilligan33@gmail.com for the entry fee. The winner takes all.

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Gregor’s Goons, Gregor McGregor 125 Nuggets View
Valerie's Victories, Valerie's Victories 120 Celtics View
Nugget Gold, Sean Mulhearn 115 Nuggets View
Heather's Hoop Hero's , Heather's Hoop Hero's 115 Celtics View
Milligan's picks, Jeff C. Milligan 110 Celtics View
Greg Zn’s Picks, Greg Zn 110 Thunder View
Nadine’s , Nadine Menacho 105 Celtics View
Zink's Bracket, Matt Zink 95 Celtics View
Sarah's Space Jam Magic, Sarah K 95 Not selected View
Janelle's Fun Time, Janelle Milligan 85 Nuggets View
Kyle's picks, Kyle McGregor 65 Lakers View
Perry's Perfect Players , Kat 55 Lakers View
MATT'S BRACKET, MattyB's BBall Bracket 50 Pelicans View