Vamos Los Magic

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Im the goat malachi, Bam adebayo doesn't need you Mr.nwoa 115 Celtics View
Mr. Steal Ur Championship, Mr. Hauer 115 Magic View
boston dubs, jesus 115 Celtics View
No Bucking Around, Nwao - My son will not make the playoffs. :( 110 Bucks View
Waden idk, Waden 100 Mavericks View
Better than mr haur ORLANDO MAGIC SUCKS, Johann Hernandez 100 Suns View
Im Better, Daniel Garcia 95 Celtics View
Samuel, samuel acosta 95 Mavericks View
Winning Embiid 2 - Lassiter , Winning Embiid 95 76ers View
4804362226, something3883 80 Celtics View
denver nuggets, carmelo 80 Nuggets View
Manuel, Manuel 80 Pelicans View
we cook, mr win that championship 80 Celtics View
the pheonix suns are winning, angel 70 Suns View
Manuel, Manuel/dj 60 Celtics View
yeli riley, ybm 0 Not selected View