Every Arkansan

Created By: Peter Nwokoro

13 members

Our mission is to see one Arkansan chase and win the NBA trophy

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Swannie, Carson Swanson 135 Celtics View
Fly High, Carson Swanson 125 Mavericks View
Nigerian Nightmare, Peter N 120 Celtics View
m, Marius Mauthe 120 Mavericks View
EasyB1, Eric Bentley 120 Celtics View
Carter’s Bracket , Carter Mills 120 Celtics View
Deej, Steej 120 Celtics View
T Dawg, TDawg 110 Celtics View
EasyB2, Eric Bentley 105 Nuggets View
Chicken Nuggets, Peter N 100 Nuggets View
T Dawg pt. 2, TDawg 95 Bucks View
M2, Marius Mauthe 90 Nuggets View
Steej, Steej 75 Thunder View