american baloncesto

Created By: Miguel Gouveia

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O baloncesto são 5 contra 5 e no final o Manuel chora

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
cuckveiga first round exit, Negative 135 Nuggets View
Spoiler: Manuel8 perde, Miguel Gouveia 130 Nuggets View
Play-In Winner!, Livrinhos 130 Nuggets View
AD Ovarense, Rigters 130 Nuggets View
#No18, Cloughie 125 Nuggets View
JNVS, João Santos 120 76ers View
Como assim , Zlatan 120 Nuggets View
Death, Taxes and Gouveiga Losing, Manuel8 115 Celtics View
2ringmavs, Jgbg91 110 Mavericks View
Wemby MVP 2k25, Simão Ferreira 105 Celtics View
#FireSeanMarks, jmpenetra 105 Nuggets View
CD Mafra, RuiPSantos 95 Nuggets View
"The Mike Muscala finals", André Lima 95 76ers View
Knicks win, João Gonçalves 90 Knicks View
VitorFernando , Vitor Fernando 90 Nuggets View
Giannis the Lebron Stopper, MANOCAS37 80 Bucks View