Ash’s Bracket

Created By: Ashcoolyo

33 members

Group Website: -> join my discord and enjoy a fun time being apart of an active community!

Hey guys it’s year three of doing this! If you’re new, this is voting correctly on who wins each series and in how many games. There is a financial reward to getting the most points. If you’d like join my discord as well! Let’s have a fun playoffs!

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Smart Takes Bracket, Smart Takes 160 Nuggets View
Ash! , Ashcoolyo 155 Nuggets View
The Bracket, GKTre 155 Celtics View
BBU, DrissTheKing 150 Mavericks View
Luka, Dae_Time02 145 Mavericks View
jordanw1096, Jordan Wilson 145 Nuggets View
Eight Teen, bombogoon 145 Nuggets View
Games wrong, Series right, Sher Derozan 140 Nuggets View
Give me my money, Ray 140 Nuggets View
The Script , AJ24 140 Nuggets View
my bracket , r yen 135 Nuggets View
nmz’s perfect bracket, nmzhoops 135 Celtics View
BEST BRACKETZ, Fossid 135 Nuggets View
LAKERS FOREVER, MattMets 130 Celtics View
thbracket, thb 130 Nuggets View
BallLikeJ, Jarian Stanton 130 Nuggets View
Zeiy bracket, Zeiy 130 Nuggets View
1, MidRangeGod™️ 125 Nuggets View
I can't lose, hooparj 125 Celtics View
Nihal, nihalm 125 Nuggets View
@Ripslumpys bracket, Jah @RipSlumpy 120 Celtics View
Raze, Abderrehman Khan 120 Mavericks View
Playoff bracket 23-24, g3nuineguy 120 Lakers View
Romp, Romp 115 76ers View
mybrack1, JuraT 115 Clippers View
Tatum Ring, The_Last_One 115 Celtics View
Chucc, Slam Whittmore (Chuck) 110 Clippers View
VPaddle, VPaddle 105 Clippers View
Fun bracket, EliBlue 95 Thunder View
BIG MINE , Mine 90 Nuggets View
Denverchipszn, Michael O 85 Nuggets View
CAVS NUMBA 1 WOOOO, Asad 85 Cavaliers View
X, LowDownChris 75 Nuggets View