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Who will win the NBA playoffs in 2024? Join Dido & his viewers to predict!

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Ben’s winning bracket, Ben Robinson 205 Timberwolves View
HTX best bracket, PhoenixHTX 160 Mavericks View
Tabaluca, Tabaluca 150 Nuggets View
This is absolutely wrong , Philll 150 Celtics View
I don't even watch basketball , Polyz 150 Knicks View
Easy win, chet 150 Mavericks View
Harley's Bracket, Harley 145 Celtics View
Zirc , Zirc 145 Nuggets View
Pacers for the win, Watterboy 145 Pacers View
Copeium, Dens 140 Mavericks View
Wolves chip, Wolves season 135 Timberwolves View
Jack's Perfect Bracket, Jack's Perfect Bracket 135 Bucks View
Let’s go Celtics , LunarRoses 135 Celtics View
LUKA MVP, LUKAI 135 Mavericks View
Dido Wont stand a chance, Adrian 130 Mavericks View
Let's go Heat, Anto 130 Celtics View
I don’t watch nba that much, Twitch WyzirdFN 130 Thunder View
Wrath's NBA Bracket, WrathofKhorne 130 Nuggets View
Furkan, winsanity 130 Mavericks View
hey :3, Reese West 125 Celtics View
Colman Forrer, Colman 120 Celtics View
Winning, Penguin Jo 120 Celtics View
Nathan's Bracket, Nathan.Lindner 120 Celtics View
Ark's Bracket, Ark 120 Nuggets View
Duck Boats , Erik Martinsson 115 Celtics View
MFFL, Brendan 115 Mavericks View
ebrown1, Eric Brown 115 Mavericks View
wish at play in, Csery 110 Pacers View
Benjamin Richet, Benjamin Richet 110 Celtics View
Picks1, CMCCARTY921 110 Celtics View
Not a Clue, Liam McLynch 110 Celtics View
Fingers crossed, Kael 110 Celtics View
Luka is king COLMAN, Colman 110 Celtics View
BIGMAVsFan, NothingbutBUCKETS_Hank 110 Mavericks View
Oitu’s bracket, Oitu 110 Nuggets View
BringItIn, StrawtherSZN 110 Nuggets View
I’m the best, Gforce_12 105 Celtics View
i'm not going to win, sug 105 Bucks View
Perfect Bracket-ish, Toonzy 105 Celtics View
Bfox!, Bfox17 105 Celtics View
DADDY LUKA, Luka green fn 105 Mavericks View
Maddox’s Playoff Picks, Maddox White 105 Nuggets View
Bucks in 6, Sully 100 Bucks View
Bucks 🔛🔝, Reid Backes 100 Celtics View
hope im wrong about certain things here, elliotno 100 Celtics View
Cezar’s picks , Cezar 100 Lakers View
:), jscant 100 Lakers View
Let’s go Pacers, Jay Jay 100 Celtics View
Jac grav bracket, Jac Gravell 100 Celtics View
LeFinalRun, LeGoat 100 Lakers View
Back 2 Back, Ásmundur Hrafn Magnússon 95 Nuggets View
Aleem The Dream, aleemkarmali 95 Nuggets View
Lukas bracket NBA 2024, Lukas980 95 Clippers View
correct, jacob 95 Nuggets View
#UtahJazzNBAChamps2025, Connor 95 Celtics View
Anastasia's Bracket, AnastasiaLit8 95 Lakers View
Matt's Bracket, Matt Pelkey 95 Celtics View
Dawson bracket, DawsTheBoss 95 Celtics View
OKTSKI’s Bracket, OKTSKI 95 Celtics View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 95 Nuggets View
The Golden Path, Rickard Bergenarp 95 Celtics View
CryEmbidCry, Edson 95 Celtics View
Sahar Duvshani-Eli, Sahar Duvshani-Eli 90 Celtics View
Hehehehaw, Brenden 90 Celtics View
correct, SpyKid 90 Nuggets View
Overlooked , Ghost Rider 90 Celtics View
treys bracket, TREY 90 Nuggets View
Poop Nugget, ByGoneClaw 90 Nuggets View
Your 2024 champion, Boston0Trophy 85 Celtics View
mango ahh bracket, LightningPal 85 Nuggets View
E’s Bracket, Emmett Allen 85 Celtics View
brunmvp, star5591 85 Knicks View
Jbrown's bracket, Jbrown7 85 Nuggets View
Adam, Adam A 85 Nuggets View
BenBracket, Benhamien 85 Celtics View
Nba , Elias3030 85 Celtics View
Dido's Bracket, Dido ASMR 80 Celtics View
Goated, The duck revolution 80 Nuggets View
Bennett’s Bracket, Bennett 80 Clippers View
Ma bracket, Reynold 80 Celtics View
Play off 2024, Makka Pakka 80 Nuggets View
con bracket, Conner Fitzpatrick 80 Nuggets View
gally, gally 75 Nuggets View
I can dream, ajbubba 75 Suns View
Sure why not, What is love? 75 Celtics View
NBA pLaYoFfS, mymidiisinsane 75 Thunder View
toucheCS2's Bracket, Dylan M 75 Celtics View
Winner winner chicken dinner, Ronan 70 Nuggets View
Gonna win, Joey 70 Celtics View
Def not a kings fan, GregMulett 70 Bucks View
Nash's Perfect Bracket, Nash Henry ASMR 70 Thunder View
Mal, Mal 70 Celtics View
Baksuznjak, Baksuz 70 Celtics View
God tier, Pandaz 70 Thunder View
p.urb.1512, Preston Urbancic 65 Nuggets View
I like chicken nuggets, Roberto 65 Nuggets View
The Perfect Bracket, rharrington 60 Nuggets View
Jamay, Jamey 55 Not selected View
HueAmI, Nathan Levitt 50 Celtics View
Bracket #1, Naito 50 Celtics View
Ezy, Syzo 30 Bucks View
Go kings, but also derozan😁, Jamesieboy 20 Heat View
My bracket , Tedog34 0 Not selected View