The Michael Katsoulis 2024 NBA Playoff Bracket Challenge

Created By: Michael Katsoulis

22 members

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Tickle monster, Neel 165 Celtics View
The CrapShoot, Ali812 155 Nuggets View
The Defending Bracket Champ, Mohammad Hussain 150 Celtics View
MyOnlySunshine, Mohammed N 145 Lakers View
The King of Fantasy Basketball, Michael Katsoulis 140 Nuggets View
Jacks 2024 Playoffs , Jimmy is Himmy 135 Nuggets View
Rishi’s Perfect Bracket, Rishi 135 Celtics View
The Gamblers Favourite, Ferriggi 135 Celtics View
Sheraz’s money maker, Sheraz 125 Celtics View
LeBrons Perfect Bracket, Alex Bernier 125 Celtics View
LePookie, Azeem Ali 125 Mavericks View
King Doncic, Metru 125 Mavericks View
luddys bracket, Matt Ludwig 120 Nuggets View
Nico's Bracket, Nicolas Asis 120 Celtics View
Melodic Bassers , Tino Katsoulis 110 Mavericks View
Anti-Vax , Sohail Najarali 110 Nuggets View
Jeremy, Michael Katsoulis 110 Nuggets View
Roshi`s Correct Bracket, RoshiDaMan 100 Nuggets View
Here to make my money back, Braeden 95 Celtics View
LILHAWS show, Time 90 Celtics View
Jontay Porter, Chris Totsis 85 Nuggets View
Jimmy’s bracket, Jimmy 55 Clippers View