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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Megamen, Meg James 140 Celtics View
LeBronMyPookieBear, Arjun 135 Nuggets View
Hennything is possible , Hennyboi 125 Nuggets View
GenghisKwan, genghiskwan PRO 120 Nuggets View
The Pehness, Yosh 120 Nuggets View
idk what im doin, dj thicc 120 Celtics View
Jokić’s 🐎 , Lo 115 Nuggets View
f0briciOF0hbert0, Greek Freaks 110 Nuggets View
FirstOrLast, Schmidt 110 Celtics View
Same same but different , Eugene Lam 105 Thunder View
Juwanna Mann, Colby Roberts 100 Celtics View
The Last RiverDance ☘️, Fuhgeddaboudit 95 Celtics View
Tres Bien, Anthony Gross אנתוני 90 Nuggets View
Jovanny Castillo, Jovanny Castillo 90 Clippers View
New Yawk Forever, Bob Teoh 90 Celtics View