Challenge - $50 to the best bracket!

Created By: dumbmatter

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$50 goes to the winner. No entry fee. Email if you win, because I don't actually own this website, so otherwise I have no way to contact you :)

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: No


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Commissioner , Jason Walman 165 Nuggets View
Ring-A-Ling, Jericho Leighton 165 Celtics View
Brad , BCarns 160 Knicks View
Timberwolves, Willdebeast 160 Celtics View
24playoffs, Jeindall777 145 Nuggets View
Playoffs Script, Arnoldas 145 Celtics View
2024 Tatum Finals MVP, Jayson Tatum Supremacy 145 Celtics View
Brad Stevens' Lucky Plucky Meth Pipe, Mickey Mouse Championship Plaque Owner 140 Celtics View
Repeat NJ15, katsutama 140 Nuggets View
dumbmatter is the GOAT, crazyei8hts 140 Mavericks View
Best bracket, domini7 140 Mavericks View
first rounder gamble, ballinlikez 140 Celtics View
Ewing 2, Albert 140 Celtics View
JOKIC15bemydad, dukszi51 140 Nuggets View
2024 NBA, Chidoriyama 140 Nuggets View
Bald man win, Yasser 140 Celtics View
LABron, Hameed Hirani 135 Lakers View
JC, Jon 135 Nuggets View
The Montana Bracket, Louie Montana 135 Bucks View
A bracket or some shit idk..., Darkness 135 Nuggets View
CelticsBMH , BMH 130 Nuggets View
GeeBracket, Gee 130 Nuggets View
Hayamate, Erwin 130 Celtics View
Furkan, winsanity 130 Mavericks View
SIXERS, Slugboy 125 76ers View
Wembenyomomma, Sam Blanch 125 Celtics View
dcamp15, DCAMP15 125 Celtics View
Nuggets Repeat, Flappyious 125 Nuggets View
RIP LAKERS 2024, Laker Army 125 Nuggets View
Knicks are a Joke Pick, George Lee 120 Nuggets View
hope i win, bonjohn 120 Nuggets View
First time, Elpas 120 Nuggets View
2024, Fortizz 120 Nuggets View
ktran10, kt 120 Nuggets View
Bracket 2, LeBronJames 120 Nuggets View
IcarusGant has a dream, Pkch42 120 Mavericks View
willi's bracket, Dylan 120 Mavericks View
GRISELLO , federico 115 Celtics View, dumbmatter 115 Celtics View
Wemby’s TOO TALL Taunt, Kyle B (Dudley Tech) 115 Nuggets View
Poosh, Poosh 115 Knicks View
Jedi, Jesse D 115 Nuggets View
Noo Yawk Knyx, Steve 115 Knicks View
NBA Playoffs, LukeDaniel 115 Celtics View
My glorious king, my sugar plum bron bron, quinn 110 Celtics View
Runnin it back, Asad 110 Nuggets View
No Laker Bias, Eno 110 Celtics View
jma9534, jma9534 110 Nuggets View
Light the beam, Navan0d 110 Nuggets View
Servants of King Chet, Servants of King Chet 110 Nuggets View
Doc Rivers vs 3-1 leads, Nathan V PRO 105 Nuggets View
F Boston, Bronze 105 Celtics View
Bracket, Robert 105 Celtics View
Reikaze Bracket , Reikaze 105 Celtics View
Grateful Gramps, Steve 105 Nuggets View
Grateful Gramps 2, Steve 105 Nuggets View
LegoDawg, LegoDawg 105 Celtics View
DM19 Wolves Burgos , dcampo 100 Celtics View
Tingis Pingis Wins a Ringis, Anirudh 100 Celtics View
2024, Dl33 100 Nuggets View
Madigan's Bracket, Madigan 100 Celtics View
Thanks4BeingCool, BBGM is GOATed 100 Celtics View
dizzybirb, Trey Speicher 100 Nuggets View
NoClue, Towby 100 Bucks View
kedar knows ball, kedar 95 Nuggets View
Back 2 Back, Ásmundur Hrafn Magnússon 95 Nuggets View
The Ultimate “fk it let’s do it” bracket, BigTimmy 95 Thunder View
edog1, Eric Brown 95 Nuggets View
KPFMVP, PokeDude 95 Celtics View
The one, domini7 95 Mavericks View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 95 Nuggets View
Cope/Faith, Pupppy 90 76ers View
The Winning Bracket, boimenred 90 Lakers View
jgs bracket (lakers), Japjot Gill 90 Lakers View
Poop Nugget, ByGoneClaw 90 Nuggets View
Orishalev, Shalev 90 Pacers View
kai 2024, kai2296 90 Nuggets View
LFG, Your Everyday Dude 85 Celtics View
2024_finals_prediction, kimoalmoa 85 Nuggets View
Tatum Goes On, sadforumuser 85 Celtics View
Good bracket, domini7 85 Mavericks View
Main, FlashSpider-man 80 Celtics View
Suns in 7, BoogyWonderland 80 Suns View
Xpert Analysis, Xpert Analyst 80 Celtics View
Hopeful, EtaiE 80 Clippers View
Bracket1, MosesMoodyEnjoyer 80 Nuggets View
Probably not happening, 001011010 80 Nuggets View
meh, Jericho Leighton 75 Celtics View
toucheCS2's Bracket, Dylan M 75 Celtics View
Denver, mad0ka 70 Nuggets View
JCM bracket, JCM 60 Celtics View
Miami Heat 2023-24 NBA Champions, Vincent Earl Aquino Cadano 50 Heat View
דיגן מנצח, רון דגן 20 Not selected View