Econ and Friends

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Beckmannshook, Mattis 145 Nuggets View
I hate Denver, Gertjan Verdickt 140 Nuggets View
Celtics Homer, Mark Chin 140 Celtics View
Revised and Resubmitted, Steven Sprick Schuster 140 Celtics View
Halleluka, Henrik Zaunbrecher 135 Mavericks View
Wemby satisfies the exclusion restriction, Mike Makowsky 135 Celtics View
bucks in six (packs), Peter Nencka 📊 130 Bucks View
two-piece nuggets for me please, Sarah Quincy 130 Nuggets View
Tortured TWolves Fan, Sam Stemper 125 Timberwolves View
MVPiid, Ezra G. Goldstein 120 76ers View
Brown, White, and Green, Michael Lipsitz 115 Celtics View
Al Horford's Beautiful Eyes, Ben Solow 115 Celtics View
Hang Over Time, Dominik Gutt 115 Celtics View
WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, Jason Kerwin 110 Lakers View
sbecon, Sarah Bana 110 Nuggets View
No Jazz so cheering for Lillard, Mike Kofoed 105 Bucks View
Murray's Questionable Knee, SteveBHolt 100 Celtics View
LBJthirdterm, Wei Yang Tham 95 Celtics View
pgp, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham 80 Nuggets View
Decision in process, Zach Ward 75 76ers View
Balkan, Michail Batikas 70 Nuggets View