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Entry, Owner Score Champion
WorldWideWob, aaron3hirsch 180 Celtics View
Somewhat depressed wiz fan pt 2 , Adam Chertok 160 Nuggets View
Pravi MVP, Santiago Del Pozzo 150 Mavericks View
B shaak picks , Bradley Shaak 145 Celtics View
Warriors would’ve won, aaron3hirsch 130 Celtics View
Joker 2: the Jokening, Brendan Doherty 125 Nuggets View
Goal = Beat Devin, Big Brian 120 Celtics View
Niko bracket , Niko 95 Nuggets View
Game 7, Devin 95 Nuggets View
rohun, rohun 90 Nuggets View
clippassssss in 7 , Hardens meat 85 Clippers View
Don’t, Trust the Process 80 Celtics View
Im gon tell em, philip 75 Nuggets View
Celtics are the balls + brian sucks, Wolfedawg 65 Celtics View
Pink Geist, aaron3hirsch 60 Clippers View