LeBracket Games 2024

Created By: Joseph Villarosa

19 members

$30 buy in (Venmo $ to @joseph-villarosa) 1st place - $420; 2nd place - $100; 3rd place - $50

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Dwight Powell, Brian 140 Mavericks View
LeGM LeCoach LeChamp, Edward Asuncion 140 Lakers View
Nw, NICHOLAS WILLETS 135 Nuggets View
Vincent Van Gabe, Brandon Baker 130 Mavericks View
Blame My Mind Not My Heart, Xavier 125 Nuggets View
BBQ Chicken Ernehhh, Toots 125 Nuggets View
Full Metal Porzingis, Aaron Rosenthal 120 Celtics View
Project Dynasty, Austin Welch 120 Nuggets View
The Bandwagon Dragon, Sean Newell 115 Nuggets View
Haliburton Hallelujah , Joseph Villarosa 100 Celtics View
Cooper filled it out, Luke Freccero 100 Nuggets View
EV, EV 90 Celtics View
phemingway, phemingway 90 Mavericks View
No Dubs No Fun, Liam 85 Celtics View
Donation to the pot , Joseph Villarosa 80 Lakers View
BBLebrun, BB 75 Lakers View
Education Thirst, Chadwick Kirst 75 Nuggets View
MPG, Michael Garrett 70 Nuggets View
K, Kiely 65 Lakers View