In Loving Memory of Anthony Mason

Created By: Henry Thayer

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Jalen Brunson, Will You Marry Me?, Henry Thayer 130 Nuggets View
Go New York, Go New York, Go, Brad 125 Knicks View
EV (2x champ), Eric V 115 Celtics View
Denver Is My Daddy, Kieran Valla 115 Nuggets View
NBA savant, Erin Thayer Oros, Erin Oros 105 Celtics View
Stinky Little Butt Farts, Sean Krasinski 105 Knicks View
Bronny's 2nd Heart Attack, Shea Kraniski 100 Lakers View
Does anyone even play basketball in Maine?, Conor Taff 100 Celtics View
I suck, Ben 100 Knicks View
Draymond’s Flagrant 2’s, Will Goodman 100 Nuggets View
Brunson Burner One of a Kind Ace of Spade Red Carpet Superstars , Mike Thayer 95 Knicks View
I’m in Maine, there’s no basketball, Bliv 75 Celtics View
Linzo Winzos, Lindsay Krasinski 55 Celtics View