Bracketology 2024 - Doc will get it done

Created By: Sami Hasaballa

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Scoring: Standard

Allows late entries: Yes


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Pat Bev Trick Yall Man, Sami Hasaballa 155 Nuggets View
Hunt for Banner 18, Evan Crystal 135 Celtics View
Son of Brun, hoodiemelo 125 Nuggets View
LukaMVP, Víctor Cárdenas 120 Mavericks View
Anthony “mj” edwards, Nicholas Jorgensen Y 120 Mavericks View
Alex PIMPAM, Alex 105 Celtics View
Tghmafia, Tony Hollingworth 100 Nuggets View
Wolves back , Joe Morrell 95 Nuggets View