Jay D. Family NBA Playoff Predictions 2024

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I want the sixers to win but im not that delusional , Tiarwa 155 Timberwolves View
Alpha’s Wolves Winning It All, Alpha Invader 145 Timberwolves View
, stud 130 Mavericks View
Joe Mazulla You Have One Job, JackoXF 125 Celtics View
🕖, HARBOUR 125 Bucks View
3rd Chip, BucksIn6 90 Bucks View
The Only Correct List, Lemonaded 90 Nuggets View
2024, JoyBoy 80 Clippers View
Jeffehrys horrible bracket , Jeffehry 70 Nuggets View
Celtics are actually a Superteam, Goast 70 Celtics View