Challenge - $20 to the best bracket!

Created By: dumbmatter

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$20 goes to the winner, paid out of my pocket. No entry fee. Email if you win.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Vxmonarkxv, Kaden West 370 Warriors View
Mai Bracket, m8, OutsiderBox 355 Warriors View
Bloom1, John Bloom 355 Warriors View
dalembert mvp, Alexandre Pacheco 350 Warriors View
mat, mat 350 Warriors View
Reagan's Bracket, Reagan 350 Warriors View
Slay'z Bracket, Slay 345 Warriors View
Star Power Wins, meatduck12 345 Warriors View
Gnagnam style, anttersaakov 345 Warriors View
Ajaz's Winning Bracket, Chicago Bulls 340 Warriors View
Golden Shower Warriors, Janus van Vuuren 340 Warriors View
juans, Chomes 335 Warriors View
Tanner Bond's, TBond 330 Warriors View
kingclutch98, Joe Karaki 325 Warriors View
NBABracketSwag, Azam Mohammed 325 Warriors View
The Commissioner, dumbmatter 320 Warriors View
Bracket 1, Jordan 320 Warriors View
Etyp, D. Orion 320 Warriors View
Babba's Nose Picks, Babbabooie 310 Warriors View
the champ bracket, Alextheballer 310 Warriors View
wheat, John W 310 Warriors View
agolden356 + le kebab armie xD, agolden356 - le kebab armie xD 300 Warriors View
This won't win., mambatime 300 Warriors View
MAH PIX, GANGST 295 Warriors View
Crg pick, Swoosh 285 Warriors View
nonamegeoff, Geoffrey Press 270 Warriors View
yaga, Dominic Socha 255 Cavaliers View
BasketballGM, DramDemon 250 Cavaliers View
Kyle's Bracket, Kyle Ratke 250 Cavaliers View
Playoffs forreal, Dahra10 245 Warriors View
Uconn fan boy, Darryl Anderson 235 Cavaliers View
ADK, ADK360 235 Cavaliers View
thebest773, Jonathan Brewer 230 Cavaliers View
I'm pretty sure, Reynaldy Wiratma Sudirja 225 Cavaliers View
bracket, itzoptimus 225 Cavaliers View
MGH, Max H 215 Cavaliers View
2015CHAMPS, kalvin 215 Mavericks View
Winner, Mason 215 Cavaliers View
Quero mais jantares pagos pelo Glenn, Mant0rras 210 Cavaliers View
It's-A-Battle, Davy Wang 210 Spurs View
Kirastri, Trifecta 210 Cavaliers View
alexnoob, alexnoob 195 Spurs View
Bulls champion, Ose Odufowokan 190 Bulls View
New York Bankers, olmanwes 185 Spurs View
Marley Marl, Marlon 180 Cavaliers View
hahahahhaha, lolrandom 180 Spurs View
BGM Bracket, Andrew 170 Spurs View
Kacand1, And1shot 170 Spurs View
Reddit bracket, acrossover23 155 Spurs View
Thunder and Bobcats should have combined to form the Thundercats, Sean88888 145 Spurs View
George, George Lee 140 Spurs View
Ultimate winner, TheUltimate123 135 Hawks View
Bball expert, B Ball freak 25 120 Celtics View
BBWS HMU THO, Big Mama 115 Spurs View
Sean B, Sean B 115 Spurs View
Why not?, Crossfire912 110 Bulls View
Fuck the Cavs, DizzaSticks 105 Trail Blazers View
Not a homer, Coteup 80 Celtics View
Alex Poole second bracket, Alex 0 Not selected View