The Jim Boylen Memorial GOAT Playoff Challenge

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Team Sharp, Andrew Sharp 145 Bucks View
Winfluencing the Winfluencers, Ben Golliver 105 Nets View


Entry, Owner Score Champion
ClintBuck84, Clint 175 Bucks View
Tatum is Top Fi, Twelve-Time Enterprises 175 Bucks View
Sam's Bracket, Sam 170 Suns View
jokicorembiid bracket, skanda 165 Clippers View
BENGLANDER, Benji Englander 160 Bucks View
This Is Correct, Nelson 160 Bucks View
BC Prof, BC prof 160 Bucks View
I have a sunburn, silas 150 Suns View
Sunsets Everyday, Tim B 150 Bucks View
ClipClops, Tranvir Singh 150 Clippers View
Dunno, maybe??!, Kumar G Vishwanath 150 Clippers View
Bobby Portis Finals MVP Run, Franzig 150 Bucks View
Team Sharp, Andrew Sharp 145 Bucks View
LeAntiVax, Jared Montierth 145 76ers View
Brandon Jennings memorial bracket , Patrick F 145 Bucks View
Goldberg gutsy picks , Ivan Goldberg 140 Nets View
Holiday Inc., Colin Salao 140 Bucks View
Knicks, bosborus 140 Nets View
The crown hand-off, Caleb 140 Bucks View
Jokic our Savior, Caleb 140 Nuggets View
The original pity comment, Jonatan 140 Nets View
JJ's Taxi, Brian M 140 76ers View
StrangeIfThisBracketWins, Norway's Ben Golliver 140 Clippers View
5Star, Kevin Diaz 140 Lakers View
The Greasy Pig, Tom 135 Lakers View
Kyrie Finals MVP, Bracket_gerry 135 Nets View
Nets Are Frauds, Will H 135 Bucks View
disgruntled Celtics fan , ינון בר שירה 135 Bucks View
Go heat😈, Luke Irvine 135 Heat View
You should join the GOAT Discord, Chapman 130 76ers View
Self loathing, kags 130 Clippers View
Hoops Temple, Nate 130 Bucks View
Big O's Answer Key, 𝓁𝒾𝓉𝓉𝓁ℯ ℴ 130 Jazz View
Giannis Inc - Bucks gettin' buckets, Faisal Hotiana 130 Bucks View
A Bracket only a Biggest Hater Could Love, Luguentz Malort 130 Bucks View
Valley Boyzzzz , Loose Lips James 130 Suns View
Gimme That Warriors Poster! , Richard M 130 Bucks View
ABR_Opinions, ABR_Opinions 130 Nets View
ATL GOAT, Tyler T 130 Lakers View
halfcourtviolators, serpentinepadd 130 Nets View
Tony Snail, Clatl 130 Bucks View
Uno, liverpoolclippers 130 Clippers View, dumbmatter 125 Nets View
Knuck if you Buck, Cody D 125 Bucks View
This is madness, Uhhhhh 125 Bucks View
Electric Serge, Jozef Rigore Agtarap 125 Bucks View
The One Piece , Gohanss2 125 76ers View
The perfect bracket, Matt K 125 Clippers View
"tHe LaKeRs ArE fRaUdS", Book Wormington 125 Lakers View
Krillin, Krillin_strongest_human 125 Clippers View
A win win, White Vanilla C 125 Bucks View
Loose Lips Paul, Austin Lords 125 Clippers View
Good Brcaket, JBBBBBB 120 76ers View
I already know this is wrong because the Bucks aren't making the Finals but I want to believe, a.j. curry 120 Lakers View
Let’s get nuts , Mike Ferguson 120 Nets View
Realistic Jazz Fan, Scott H 120 Clippers View
Alec Burrks Sir, J roman 120 Lakers View
Alex CaruShow , Underdog Humble Family Business Lakers 120 Lakers View
MVP Showdown, Carter 120 Bucks View
Right about the big things , kenton 120 Jazz View
Shawn Kemp's Johnson, Dan Clymo 120 Bucks View
Cool Hand , Waffle32 120 76ers View
Eastwind , Eastwind 120 Suns View
Hoping for lottery balls, Mathew Goldstein 120 Bucks View
Do you hear the garden sing, Little Eddies 120 Lakers View
I Don't Feel Great About This, Colin Lindwall 120 Bucks View
Dubs in 4, Aaron Hirsch 120 76ers View
polygono sunset, pan pan 120 Bucks View
Nets v Lakers in Finals, JBBBBBB 115 76ers View
DBook, DA & CP3 win the chip, Chef Hsieh 115 Suns View
¯\_(ツ)_/¯, SweetReptile 115 Suns View
Fire SVG, Mark Balfe 115 76ers View
Am I the new ceo of Giannis inc?, Alex Burr 115 Bucks View
AC I hope I'm wrong, Franco Asmaeil 115 Lakers View
It only counts if we win, Jason Whalen 115 76ers View
abrando bracket, Alec Brandon 115 Bucks View
ITS GONNA GET VERY DARK, mckcinfinity 115 Lakers View
IDK, Quinnhog 115 Bucks View
The Bald Eagle, Nate Andrade 115 Lakers View
Honey Buns, Luca C 115 Nets View
Bubble Ball 2: Double Bubble Ball, Sean Adams 115 76ers View
DB88, DB88 110 Bucks View
WE ARE NOT THE NORTH, Ben Ellis 110 Nets View
Kawhi Revenge Tour, Dylan Birdsell 110 Clippers View
Jim Boylen 2.0, Jim Boylen 110 Bucks View
CalvinAndHobo, CalvinAndHobo 110 76ers View
Micah, Micahrice 110 Nets View
Sunsets Shining on the Wasatch, Brian 110 Jazz View
Fast PP bracket , António 110 Nets View
Being Available Doesn’t Make You the MVP, Jake Wall 110 76ers View
Curry should be here, Filip Brun 110 Nets View
רועי עידן , roy 110 Bucks View
NevemZoli, Zsitva Zoltán 110 Nets View
Paperboy , iMosh 110 Nets View
No Cap Bracket, Kaijie 110 Nets View
Brezik Patriots, Gajo Jankovic 110 Lakers View
Tilman says Shut Up! i am losing..., Tilman “Living on NBA welfare” Feritta 110 Nets View
Rapaport's and Durant's Love Child, Adam K 110 Lakers View
Bang!, Peruvian John Stockton 110 Jazz View
LP, Luka Petričević 105 Nets View
Tony, Gluecows 105 Nets View
Boring takes, TomteboAllstars 105 Nets View
Jeff’s Best Bracket, Jeffrey Chen 105 Clippers View
Bracket, Atharv Vaish 105 Nets View
@vg00934, Vincent gaudreau 105 Nets View
Right about the big things, Middleton > De Rozan 105 76ers View
Who the f really knows?, Eric S 105 Bucks View
Glass eater, Ben Morwood 105 Lakers View
Winfluencing the Winfluencers, Ben Golliver 105 Nets View
Cancun in 4, BLOG BOY 105 Lakers View
greatest of all berlin brackets, Michael Peters 105 Nets View
my bf made me do this, lexi 105 Lakers View
Fuck Brooklyn, Pope_of_dope 105 Nets View
Avant Garde Unboxing , Tom Whalen 100 Bucks View
Whydoineedaname, Oude 100 Nets View
🔴 Process or Die 7️⃣6️⃣, John Holden 100 76ers View
B2b Champs , James 100 Lakers View
Hornets Fans Anonymous , Paul B. 100 Bucks View
AG Bracket, Andrew Garvin 100 Clippers View
Ewing 1, Albert 100 Nets View
GOAB (Greatest of All Brackets), Tony G 100 Lakers View
Garland Inc., KPJ is the Future of the NBA 100 Nets View
Baaaracket, Archnace 100 Lakers View
Very Glad Boston Sucks, Greg Friedgood 100 Lakers View
Sunrise Blvd, Steven R 100 Nets View
Beltway Law, Quinn 100 Bucks View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 100 Nets View
Am I crazy or...?, Ma Name's Jehff 100 Bucks View
Da baby or Lil baby, BLOG BOY 100 Lakers View
NNL Bracket, Namson 100 Clippers View
Big Body Benz, Matt 100 Lakers View
Nothing but net, LukasValk 100 Nets View
Minken Srce Srbije, Saleee 100 Lakers View
Shane Heal aggro, Eoghan Burke 100 Lakers View
Terminated termite, Nav. S. 100 76ers View
Lime in the Coconut, Vedant Peris 100 Lakers View
the answer key, Scalabrine 100 Clippers View
GOAB, Kevin Chang 100 Nets View
Dallas Fappericks, Iosif Bitsimis 100 Jazz View
Del Thunder toda la vida, Rodrigo 95 Nets View
4th Seed Wizards, Greg 95 Nets View
Stockton’s Haircut, Todd Eric Lovato 95 Nets View
#Boom, Zach Newcomb 95 Nets View
Big Man Bracket, Nathan Gyori 95 Jazz View
Giannis' Baptism, Ivan Renko 95 Bucks View
DonNzo, Don Nzo 95 Bucks View
Right About the Medium Sized Things, Alex Federici 95 Lakers View
To_the_Finals, LE_TUTUR 95 Nets View
Algonquin National Park. , Luke 95 Lakers View
Westbrook Jersey , Marcus Payne 95 Suns View
NugsWin970, ChipmunkOutside443 95 Nuggets View
bleed orange julius randle , himi 95 Lakers View
Giannis da 🐐, Right About the Medium Things 95 Bucks View
jg, jg 95 Jazz View
This is it , Noefil 95 Lakers View
White Neon in a Snowstorm, Where New York Ave Meets 4th of July Canyon 95 Lakers View
DeMarcus Nephews, Binks 95 Nets View
Sam’s bracket , Sam Tyrrell 95 Nets View
Ukinam, Franz Oliver Reyes 95 Lakers View
Smalls Bracket, Carolyn 95 Lakers View
You Can’t Spell Grayson Allen without Ray Allen, GrizzFan87 95 Bucks View
Realistic Picks, AronGu 95 Nets View
LeBack2Back, Bryan Despain 95 Lakers View
The Eastern Bloc, Katie K 95 Clippers View
Chentradamus Picks, Steven Chen 95 Nets View
Westbrook's Revenge, Alex Chalupka PRO 90 Nets View
2014 Grant Hill's Drive, Sveinn Thor 90 Nets View
5 Bradley Beals , Ian 90 Bucks View
Cold hard reality, Tom the downtrodden Suns fan 90 Clippers View
The token Aussie, Aus Tom Sawyer 90 Lakers View
Winning bracket, nowels 90 Nets View
The Suns are the ultimate cute story team, Chris Brummett 90 Lakers View
Bolillo 2021, Santiago 90 Lakers View
bracket no.1, emirhan 90 Lakers View
Rude Boys, Joakim 90 Nets View
REVENGE, Fonzo 85 Nets View
The real deal, Luis Felipe Orama 85 Lakers View
Ben C, Ben C 85 76ers View
Predictable, agent_goldenfox 85 Nets View
Kerry Kittles' Single Sock, Greg H 85 76ers View
Beard time, 21shumpstreet 85 Nets View
Lance- Culture Surfing , Lance Roberson 85 Bucks View
The No Trick Ponies, Krishan Parmar 85 Lakers View
karaculhaturkey, caner 85 Nets View
Sharp release your college rap songs , KEO 85 Nets View
Right About No Things, Steve T 85 Nets View
Itay’s bracket , Itay 85 Nets View
Toronto Termites Bracket, Marco Luciano 85 Nets View
CplusLuca, Jonatan 85 Bucks View
Lebronsthegoat, BracketGod 85 Lakers View
Daran final, DaranBallerz 85 Nets View
nothing's unpredictable, arismegs 85 Jazz View
Sharp's Sycophants, Dustin 85 Nets View
ZionAndBryce, David Garnett 85 Nets View
Fauci for DPOY, Mischa Vaughn 80 76ers View
Donovan Mitchell Playoff MVP, LBL8 80 Jazz View
destruction , Fence sitting pig, Nick 80 Nets View
Berlin Baby, Jon Gore 80 Wizards View
#blindking repeat, Lincoln Anderson 80 Lakers View