The Jim Boylen Memorial GOAT Playoff Challenge

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
I saw what John Stockton said, Ben Golliver 165 Bucks View
Team Sharp, Sharp 105 Bucks View


Entry, Owner Score Champion
#lightyears, tcook 335 Warriors View
Luke's bracket, Luke Beck 330 Warriors View
Flip The Switch, Flip The Switch 310 Warriors View
Warriors, Anthony Edwards 305 Warriors View
padlock, Kuu 300 Warriors View
DUBS ARE BACK!, ZUG 295 Warriors View
Strength in numbers, HakunaMatata 295 Warriors View
Nasumično biram, Saleee 295 Warriors View
burb, berry 290 Warriors View
Jerry's Bracket, Jerry Li 290 Warriors View
GMadness, GMadness 285 Warriors View
WwWwWwW, shockey 285 Warriors View
It’s time. , Mike Ferguson 280 Warriors View
Jerebko Revolution , Mike 275 Warriors View
gswiswinning, Pratulya 275 Warriors View
Steph doing it all, jeroen derksen 275 Warriors View
Kendrick Lamar Anthony Perkins, BobbyPERu 265 Warriors View
Poole Party, WorldWideWob 265 Warriors View
Stevengar, WACHU BRACKET 6 260 Warriors View
Player Tanking, Mamba Mentality 255 Warriors View
GSw, Gediminas Sidekerskis 255 Warriors View
Namstar, Namson 250 Warriors View
Lillard Finals MVP... in 2023, Taylor21 250 Warriors View
If brooklyn makes a run, FryBandit 250 Warriors View
Steph's final run, StevenAdamsTheGoat 245 Warriors View
Micah, Micahrice 245 Celtics View
Dubs!, Patrick Callan 240 Warriors View
mr dunuks big boy bracket, Borf Farlington 240 Warriors View
Boylen’s Bracket, Jim Boylen 240 Warriors View
greatest of all brackets, dro21 240 Warriors View
Joeys bracket, joey aronson 240 Warriors View
b1, marcnig 240 Warriors View
Bos, bracker 240 Celtics View
Bryan M. Bracket , Bryan Drivens 235 Warriors View
Winner420, Dylan Miller 230 Warriors View
Numero Dos - Warriors, esh 230 Warriors View
Where’s Elizabeth?, Ian 225 Warriors View
Twelve-Time, c31586 225 Celtics View
Green Celtic, Kman 225 Celtics View
GMadness’s Bracket , GMadness 225 Warriors View
Warrior Bucks, BillCumpf 225 Warriors View
HM DPT SKLTN, Shivan 225 Warriors View
Chy’s Bracket, ChiChii 🌺 220 Suns View
hehe xd, Jason 220 Warriors View
anyone but the nets 🙏 , kags 220 Warriors View
That Other Wizards Fan/Fool, Bmkar PRO 220 Warriors View
Klay's triumphant return, kritter 220 Warriors View
Rock Chalk, EJ Hawk 220 Suns View
Fuck it, Aidan 220 Warriors View
Fingers crossed, SuzanneC 220 Warriors View
therealone, Alex Tsirigotis 220 Suns View
Hooper, TylerBorges 215 Suns View
steph_have_it_all, San Singh 215 Warriors View
dubs, DoitforJAB 215 Warriors View
Sam's Bracket, Sam 215 Warriors View
Rick De La BOT, Ricardo De La (BOT) 215 Warriors View
Hot Dogs, jimmy juricevich 215 Warriors View
Klaymen, KZ 215 Warriors View
Defending Champ Tatum is Top Five, Twelve-Time Enterprises 210 Celtics View
The Gentleman's Guide to the 2022 NBA Playoffs , The Gentleman's Guide to the 2022 NBA Playoffs 205 Celtics View
Bugs have 2 picks in the 1st and actually were rebuilding the whole time, Hornets Are Actually Very Good And Not Bad 200 Celtics View
Thomas, Thomas 195 76ers View
Legal Seafood, Cal 195 Celtics View
Blazers still winning it all, Fowad 190 Suns View
Bracket 1, jbb 190 Suns View
QUEST FOR THE ELDEN RING, Uhhhhhhhh 190 Celtics View
Suns in fo', Pope_of_dope 190 Suns View
giannrinserepeat, Sebastian Sarti 190 Bucks View
EZ, Slyyyde 190 Celtics View
DeMarvelous DeRozan , Marc the shark 190 Bulls View
The original pity comment, Jonatan 190 Bucks View
Celtics Homer, Wade 190 Suns View
Yinon Bar Shira, ינון בר שירה 190 Celtics View
rondo4HOF, Jack 190 Celtics View
Bracket 2, jbb 185 Celtics View
Bucks , Anthony Edwards 185 Bucks View
theequalizer07, The Equalizer 185 Celtics View
Giannis Inc. approved bracket, Manu 185 Bucks View
Nowels, nowels 185 Bucks View
FiveThirtyEight Bracket, Jarko 185 Celtics View
City Boy Summerer , Andrew Barnes 185 Celtics View
zaddy 2, LilMo 185 Suns View
Gut feeling, Fowad 180 Suns View
Lucifer's picks, Eyal Koren 180 Suns View
real, Harry Greenblatt 180 Suns View
IDK, Quinn 175 Bucks View
THE Boston Celtics, Ethan G 175 Celtics View
Giannis is Uponus, SQUIGGLY MAN 175 Bucks View
Homer Hackett Bracket, jrhackett 175 Raptors View
Anti Nets, Carolyn 175 Suns View
Safe picks, LAtotheA 175 Suns View
Hillsboro Heretic (pronounced how Sharp says it), Bryan Despain 170 Bucks View
Jordan’s winners , Carter 170 Suns View
Donnzo’s winning bracket, Don Nzo 165 Bucks View
12 Time Enterprises' IPO, Glen 165 Celtics View
Free Javaris, Tough Juice 165 Bucks View
I saw what John Stockton said, Ben Golliver 165 Bucks View
TTP, Kunya 165 76ers View
Falconsss, Franfex13 165 Bucks View
Brent, Brent 160 Suns View
Lakers should be here, Naja Thomas-Hussett 160 Suns View
Rammin' Bracket, AirRam 160 Nets View
Bulls, Anthony Edwards 160 Bulls View
Probably not happening, 001011010 160 Suns View
All my eggs in one giant Greek man, AlexCLE 160 Bucks View
Ja Me Like One Of Your French Girls, pmed 155 Bucks View
Grayson Allen Trippin', Kman 155 Bucks View
Not too much, Andrew, Joe Kraus 155 Bucks View
KD, Kevin Diaz 155 Bucks View
yo, CosmicJax 155 Suns View
Bratzooka Time, Drew Schuessler 155 Bucks View
The Thanastiest, Mike Pags 150 Bucks View
Arpagon, Davide 150 Suns View
better than vincenzo, LilMo 150 Bucks View
Ben, Ben C 150 Suns View
LAKERNATION303, 150 Suns View
efemerid, efemerid 150 Suns View
AV Dreams, Atharv Vaish 150 Nets View
Tragic Bronson, Choknutz 150 Bucks View
Corgi, A Real Fat Corgi 150 Bucks View
Plaxico, Kaan 150 Bucks View
The Original Weaver Believer, Andy Critchell 145 Celtics View
GOAD 2022 playoffs Answer Key, Sam_Robs (Giannis Truther) 145 Bucks View
tark_the_shark, tark_the_shark 145 Suns View
AIM Screen Names Live 4ever, VanillaKilla06 145 Bucks View
Lob City Layabouts, Paddy G 145 Suns View
Most idle run, Raimund 145 Bucks View
Zion to the Knicks, Henry Thayer 145 Bucks View
dom hoops, BigDomRockets 145 Suns View
My only ability is my availability , Richard M 145 Suns View
Alon roisman’s prediction , Alon roisman 145 Suns View
Guess, sg24354 145 Bucks View
DeRozan Triple Team Pump Fake, GG 145 Bucks View
Trade Young Bull, Ty 140 Bucks View
CaDAY Cunningham, SCarr 140 Bucks View
The Shawn Kemp Donut Eaters, Dan Clymo 140 Bucks View
What would Masai do?, Dee 140 Suns View
Destructo disc, Krillin_strongest_human 140 Bucks View
HEAT culture connoisseur , Pat Riley’s Disciple 140 Heat View
Khris Middleton is good, Richard 140 Bucks View
Real feel, LAtotheA 140 Bucks View
Personal Bracket, Jarko 140 Celtics View
1, Atticus 140 Suns View
westbrick's bricket, Sifat Syed 140 Bucks View, Mario Acquistapace 140 Bucks View
Pythia, Conan1982 135 Bucks View
Trust The Process, Maxey Better 135 76ers View
Journey to the Center of the Suns, Christopher Nadeau 135 Suns View
Giddy for Giddey, Matt Morwood 135 Bucks View
Marc's picks, Marc the shark 135 Bucks View
A Razing in the Sun, Nathan Gyori 135 Suns View
dardydog, stinkyshartstain 135 Heat View
The Greatest Ability Is Being Good, Greg Friedgood 135 Bucks View
Outkast Too Fast, Aaron Strand 135 Bucks View
I Win, The Honeydripper 135 Bucks View
Antony's Winning Bracket, Antony Park 130 Bucks View
Bracket1, Sethzissou 130 Bucks View
Suns in 7, William Huang 130 Suns View
Goat bracket, Jashan 130 Raptors View
kai2022, kai2296 130 Bucks View
here, Wstaggs 130 Suns View
1rst place , Bulma_smokin_hot 130 Bucks View
Giannis & Khris (& Jrue) 2024, Daniel G 130 Bucks View
tonypbethpa, tonypbethpa 130 76ers View
Tip#1_miami, Szigeti Gábor 130 Heat View
lowfta, lowfta 130 Suns View
Giannis Inc., Nate Andrade 130 Bucks View
Trae Miracle run, LAtotheA 130 Hawks View
Mo's Mayhem Bracket, Mo Sack 130 Suns View
Toilet bowl champ, Herman Ze German 130 Suns View
Rokifaca, Rok Zakrajsek 130 Suns View
Lets go, BracketGod 130 Suns View
macbracket, macaroniyaro 130 Suns View
Ballerbracket, Ballermafia23 130 Suns View
nets, LilMo 130 Nets View
[ Insert clever name at later point when I have thought i trough probably something about aisle seat or skyr ], Joakim 125 Suns View
Wishful Philly Thinking, Jason Whalen 125 76ers View
Bucks repeat grizzlies upset, mr mcnuggies 125 Bucks View
Alaa Abdelnaby FanClub, Bubba Tubs 125 Suns View
RIP Kobe, Andrew 125 Bucks View
CRACEP, edmapi 125 Suns View
Onlyfranz, Noam Shiff 125 Bucks View
giorgiooooooooo, sggk83 125 Suns View
Kooper69, Kooper 125 Suns View
Bró-m , Szabolcs Muráth 125 Suns View
Who knows, Sonka 125 Bucks View
Dennis Schröder goated, Bremax 125 Bucks View
Xpert Picks, Xpert Analyst 125 Suns View
Rockets 2026 Champs, Jalen Green ROTY 125 Bucks View
Seroussi, seroussi 125 Bucks View
Ivan bo zmagal, Ivan Koruza 125 Suns View
THE CEC POOL BRACKET, GaryHarris14 125 Suns View
Donkey Kong, iMosh 125 Suns View
BananaBoat, Sbertol Crew 125 Suns View
Owen's Bracket, Owen 125 Suns View
Diop’s Angels, Matt Alquiza 125 Suns View
Jail Blazers, Ball don't lie 120 Suns View
🦉 📖 Revenge w/ the Fellas 📖 🦉, Will H 120 Suns View
I don't feel great about it., Adam K 120 Bucks View