Pick Moranis

Created By: Jonny Numbers

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Group Website: https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/6096/

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Die Hard(en) 3: revenge of the future supermax, Brian Cook 185 Suns View
Pick… Pick…BOOM., FlameBoyNation 125 Suns View
Ted DANson, Look Who's Picking 120 Suns View
Boom goes the dynamite , Dan 115 Suns View
Praising Arizona, GP3 105 Suns View
Fred van Luka the MMA fighter from Mexico, Snake 105 Nets View
Horry, I dunked on Kidd, Rob's Waivers Island 105 Bucks View
The Pick from French Lick, Jonny Numbers 85 Suns View
The cook, the thief, his wife and Devin Booker, Tim Van Excel Spreadsheet 85 Suns View
Rick and pop , Matt Smithsanity 60 Suns View