The Jim Boylen Memorial GOAT Playoff Challenge

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Featured Entries

Entry, Owner Score Champion
Team Sharp, Sharp 115 Suns View
Touchy Feely, Ben Golliver 80 Suns View


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Golden Nuggets, Kotomine 240 Nuggets View
Rylan’s, Rylan Chromy 225 Nuggets View
Loopy Lo, Rael Cline 225 Nuggets View
This One’s For Kleiza, This One’s For Kleiza 215 Nuggets View
2023-01, Sharad Mattu 215 Nuggets View
Shirleyp bracket, Shirleyp1097 215 Nuggets View
Duncan Nuggets, Nathan Gyori 195 Nuggets View
Snakesintherestrictedzone, LBL8 195 Nuggets View
Jokic Brother At Heart, Ben 180 Nuggets View
The Truth, Cam/Bron 175 Bucks View
Goldberg’s Gutsy picks, Ivan Goldberg 160 Bucks View
Itzik Bracket, Itzik Hadad 160 Celtics View
Death to Boston, Powered by Midds 155 Bucks View
Uhhhhhhhh’s winning bracket, Uhhhhhhhh 150 Bucks View
Sunrise Blvd, Steven R 150 Bucks View
Celtics Glory, Itzik Hadad 150 Celtics View
Lottó Porter Jr., Sveinn Þór Sigþórsson 145 Bucks View
Lads this is it, Norway's Ben Golliver 145 Bucks View
wild guesses, Christoph 145 Bucks View
2023_yoloka, Sonka 145 Bucks View
Fraudwatch2023, Ron 145 Bucks View
The Zacket, Zac 140 Bucks View
Back-to-Back, Trevor S 140 Warriors View
Faithful 2 the Grind, Parker K 140 Bucks View
Marloski, Jonny Hunter 140 Bucks View
Green beer, ינון בר שירה 135 Celtics View
RaptorsAmnesty, Stuart boudreau 135 Bucks View
Worse than Random, Si Co 135 Celtics View
Andy779513, Andy Critchell 135 Celtics View
don't overlook Scoot, SGA supremacy 135 Bucks View
Shiiish, AH🏔️ 135 Bucks View
Bracket One, jbb 130 Celtics View
CV Bracket, Carlos Vazquez 130 Bucks View
Blanketology , LindaSmalls 130 Lakers View
Failblazer Era, David 130 Bucks View
Denver Nougats, GaryHarris14 130 Bucks View
What a Wonderful Wiggs, BobbyPERu 125 Warriors View
Bucks in Six, 𝘛𝘩𝘰𝘮 𝘍𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵𝘢𝘪𝘯 125 Bucks View
The Pipe Dream, Cam/Bron 125 Lakers View
Jade and Cade 2024, Dagobah Swamp A$$ 125 Celtics View
gottabeJasonKiddingme, Kyle Mckelvy 125 Lakers View
Moj Bracket, Saleee 120 Warriors View
Paolo and the gang are good, Daniel Jørgensen 120 Bucks View
Anthony Davis Ascension, BandwagonNBA 120 Lakers View
WagnerWorld, Michael Peters 120 Bucks View
Darius Garland’s biggest fan, Jackson from Ohio 120 Bucks View
Hope, Tullyelly 120 Bucks View
surprise , Bridget 120 Warriors View
-----, Jason 115 Warriors View
Jim Paschke mukbang ASMR, Jim Paschke mukbang ASMR 115 Bucks View
Team Sharp, Sharp 115 Suns View
Dennis Göatder, Bremax 115 Bucks View
The correct bracket, Aboogie704 115 Lakers View
Patels Picks, Niraj Patel 115 Bucks View
Troy Murphy is the greatest PF of all time , joey 115 Lakers View
dkazm01, dkazm01 115 Lakers View
Jim Boylen Memorial GOAT, SuzanneC 115 Warriors View
NAMSTRADAMUS, Namson 110 Warriors View
GP2 for final tip-in , White Vanilla 110 Warriors View
Uh oh, Robert Moyer 110 Bucks View
himothee-chalamet, ssarti 110 Lakers View
DUBS DYNASTY 👑, Warriors Dynasty 110 Warriors View
GOAT-DUR, Darren Walworth 110 Bucks View
Green Beer, kev 110 Celtics View
For King Charles, Dustin 110 Bucks View
Riley’s Bracket, Riley 110 Celtics View
Niku, Niku 105 Bucks View
Nate - Hoops Temple Pod, Nate 105 Bucks View
Dubs reign over, Raimund 105 Grizzlies View
'Zards Bandwagon 2073, Eric O 105 Warriors View
Boylen’s Bracket, Jim Boylen 100 Bucks View
PleaseTradeLillard, Fairchild 100 Bucks View
Not a Lakers fan, Faisal 100 Lakers View
Wishful, Sam Jr 100 Bucks View
Albert 1, Albert 100 Celtics View
Chalk, Silas Xuereb 100 Suns View
Cold As Ice Picks, Craig 100 Suns View
Zebrode, Zebs 100 Warriors View
Black Eyed Pooles, Adam K 95 Bucks View
Wizards Wish for Wemby, billy1209 95 Celtics View
The kids these days, Josh Khalili 95 Bucks View
Bus Drivers, house 95 Suns View
Yeh the Knicks rule, CFly 95 Knicks View
Reality-Based Knicks Fan, Greg Friedgood 95 Suns View
GOATS, and Bucks, and kids, oh my!, James M 95 Bucks View
Skip to My Lou, SkipToMyLou 95 Bucks View
Bracket Merchant, alan 95 Bucks View
This bracket will win (obviously), FernandoEC 95 Bucks View
Dubs, what they gonna say now 95 Bucks View
the right one (2), Lincoln Anderson 95 Bucks View
Tatum is Top Five, Twelve-Time Enterprises 95 Celtics View
my picks always suck, Alex Chalupka PRO 90 Suns View
Giddy 4 Giddey, Matt Morwood 90 Suns View, dumbmatter 90 Celtics View
the good one, Lincoln Anderson 90 Bucks View
Atharv’s Picks, Atharv Vaish PRO 90 Suns View
The Minnesota Timberwolves make me want to die, Alistair 90 Bucks View
Cry More, Embiid , Cody D 90 Bucks View
yeah but maybe Wiggins will play like an all star after all that rest. Or maybe not, Nathan Taylor 90 Warriors View
Team Carr, SCarr 90 Bucks View
it’s all wrong, Ryan 90 Warriors View
beoirglas, Andrew Barnes 90 Celtics View
Into the Spida-Verse, Krishan Parmar 90 Bucks View
Safe, David Oswald 90 Bucks View
The Greatest Ability is Takeability , ScipiosLegion 90 Bucks View
Winning Matters, Andrew T 90 Bucks View
Sorry Elizabeth, Amon 90 Bucks View
Eastern Conference Revenge, Herro Ball 90 Bucks View
Knicks, Please Draft Andre Jackson Jr., Henry Thayer 90 Bucks View
Middleton's health challenge, Fonz Yap 90 Bucks View
4:30AM picks , Carolyn 90 Warriors View
Hmm...right now?, João Folgado 90 Celtics View
The original pity comment, Jonatan 90 Bucks View
DINASTY GSW, Machiavelli 90 Warriors View
Kash NBA tips , Kash NBA tips 90 Bucks View
Banner 18, Alvie 90 Celtics View
BK Bandwagon, Atharv Vaish PRO 90 Nets View
Brew’s Clues, Brew’s Clues 90 Bucks View
Torn Achilles United, Fjölnir Þrastarson 85 Bucks View
West Are Frauds, Will H 85 Bucks View
idk, a.j. curry 85 Bucks View
Boring, but Correct, Nelson 85 Bucks View
PossibleChairs , Aaron Schroeder 85 Suns View
if this is wrong then I was kidding, shak04 85 Suns View
Himothee Chalamet, LBoogie05 85 Bucks View
Erik, Erik 85 Celtics View
Bucks in 6, spags 85 Bucks View
Love and Trust Marcus Smart, Glen 85 Celtics View
LoonSquad, Craig 85 Warriors View
Five Time Fitz, Carats LeVert 85 Warriors View
OGOGOG, Oded Gurantz 85 Warriors View
GBGOAT, Nurse/FinchCoachingTandem 85 Bucks View
The Winning Bracket, Colin 85 76ers View
NBA Jam 2, Luka 85 Celtics View
Kevin W NYC, Kevin Weatherman - in NYC 🗽 85 Bucks View
Mike's Perfect Bracket, nowels 85 Bucks View
2023 playoffs, Oakland Assaf 85 Warriors View
A, sg24354 85 Warriors View
This bracket is HIM, Wade 85 Bucks View
kai2023, kai2296 85 Bucks View
AP1, Alexander Price 85 Bucks View
Diar DeRozan and the Rhinestone Banshees, Luguentz Malort 85 Bucks View
Sam Robs, Sam Robs 85 Bucks View
Touchy Feely, Ben Golliver 80 Suns View
Lebron James of Feet, Cal 80 Celtics View
'22 champ #lightyears, tcook 80 Warriors View
hope springs eternal, gerg 80 Bucks View
Golliver did the Seem, Dwaz Rizz 80 76ers View
Super Secret One, Giedrius Padriezas 80 Bucks View
chick-fil-a, Jonatan 80 Bucks View
tHiS iS tHe WaY, ItsJustBasketball 80 Bucks View
The healer from Oregon, Waldemar Noname 80 Bucks View
Zion and the National Parks, David Garnett 80 Bucks View
Bucks in 6, LW 80 Bucks View
Dsdrums, David Solomon 80 Bucks View
knickerbocker i hardly know her, himi 80 Bucks View
I got 5 on it, Oakland Assaf 80 Warriors View
Cal, Cal 80 Celtics View
Fearthedear, Krillin_strongest_human 75 Bucks View
Herbert Jones for dpoy, Drfumblesobrian 75 Bucks View
Andrew’s bracket , Andrew M 75 Suns View
Lucretia Mbah a Moute, LucretiaMBahAMoute 75 Bucks View
The best ability is one of those sports almanacs from the future, pyrmont 75 Warriors View
Radical Transparency, Mamba Mentality 75 Warriors View
The Cardinal Rule, Andre SC 75 Bucks View
Grandpa Golliver is now Uncle Golliver?, KLOE 75 Bucks View
5LBJ's > 5MJ's, Chris Brummett 75 Bucks View
Dan, Danny Klain 75 Suns View
Bucks in 6, Louderup's picks 75 Bucks View
Team McFarland, Michael McFarland 75 Suns View
K33GAN, Nathaniel 75 Bucks View
Vando'Lakes, M.D. Smith 75 Suns View
Bert and the Go-Berts , RREADING 75 Suns View
Mahcus Madness, c31586 75 Celtics View
Pistons gonna win?, ALutz5 75 Bucks View
Jared , Jared 75 Celtics View
Laulau la termite, Laurent Lallemand 75 Bucks View
2022-2023, KobeWasGuilty 75 Bucks View
Breatnach, Breatnach 75 Bucks View
RandomConsensus, bebop 75 Bucks View
Dean Wade drip, Zatch 75 Celtics View
They call me Wild... Buck Wild, Daniel Peach 75 Bucks View
Westbrick, Westbrick Inc. 70 Bucks View
FireDocRivers, Bubba Tubs 70 Suns View
protect trans kids, Ms. Green Bubble PRO 70 Suns View
Bucks in 7, Charlie 70 Bucks View
Half Serious Half Wishcasting, mgallop 70 Bucks View
Sad termite, Joakim 70 Bucks View
sad KD, 21shumpstreet 70 Bucks View
The one that got Doc out, Steven 70 Bucks View
Geiltes, Air Gabe 70 Celtics View
Ben.C , Ben C 70 Celtics View
Billy Donovan Mitchell Robinson , mwarsh 70 Bucks View
the mitten, magicclarp 70 Warriors View
Wrong about all the things, Bryan Despain 70 Warriors View
Pelicans punching bag , Jason Fogarty 70 Bucks View
High Risk, Hoodie Reward, Luca 70 Celtics View
Austin Lords, Austin Lords 70 Suns View
Free Shawn Kemp, Daniel Clymo 70 Bucks View
Payton Pritchard over trae, Ben Morwood 65 Celtics View