The Jim Boylen Memorial GOAT Playoff Challenge

Created By: Sharp

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
Dorchester, stand up!, Ben Golliver 125 Celtics View
TEAM SHARP, Sharp 115 Celtics View


Entry, Owner Score Champion
Ubuntu All-Stars, Todd Eric Lovato 175 Celtics View
Guga 1st Pick, Gugafreitas 170 Timberwolves View
JDub is cool, actually, SGA supremacy 165 Nuggets View
don't judge this bracket on it's best/worst day, Kyle M PRO 165 Timberwolves View
Ma first bracket, John Adam Roberts 160 Nuggets View
Casey Affleck's Bracket, Cal 160 Celtics View
Max Segal, Max Segal 160 Nuggets View
I Win, Robby 160 Celtics View
Bracket 1, Wamavericks 160 Celtics View
this is the year, shockey 155 Celtics View
Rodney, Rodney PRO 155 Celtics View
Tim Legler Fan Club, Namson 155 Celtics View
Celticswinningitall, PrettyPlease34 150 Celtics View
the one, Lincoln Anderson 150 Nuggets View
Bust a Nugget, Burns 150 Celtics View
8pm in Gotham, Jonviét 150 Nuggets View
Sombor Horse Boy, itstylerbaby 150 Nuggets View
Bay Tahmin, Orkun 150 Celtics View
Never doubted the Celtics, Ben Green 150 Celtics View
Tatum's Time2, Rome 145 Celtics View
Sixers return, Raimund 145 76ers View
Joker for the repeat, Manu 145 Nuggets View
Lock, Statis-Pro Savant 145 Nuggets View
1 For the Thumb, Ian 145 Celtics View
Winning Time, 8 Points 9 seconds 145 Celtics View
Still dragging Walton & Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes, Roger Murdock, co-pilot 145 Nuggets View
Mazzulla’s exit strategies, Sharad Mattu 145 Celtics View
AK’s zombies, Sareena123 145 Nuggets View
Playoffs Script, Arnoldas 145 Celtics View
Big Green, Daniel Peach 145 Celtics View
2024 Tatum Finals MVP, Jayson Tatum Supremacy 145 Celtics View
Team Danch 1, Mark Danchak 140 Celtics View
The GOAB, George Blizzard 140 Nuggets View
The Kamala cookers, Jonny Hunter 140 Bucks View
DocRivers--SomeoneElses'sProblem!, Bubba Tubs 140 Timberwolves View
Stunner, Krillin_strongest_human 140 Mavericks View
KAnt Go Bert, Dwaz Rizz 140 Nuggets View
Slick Leonard, mwarsh 140 Celtics View
Goat, Josh Brettmann 140 Nuggets View
RIP Kings, Eli 140 Nuggets View
BucksInSix, Absocold 140 Bucks View
MagicAreBACK, Parker K 140 Celtics View
BALL Eagles 2024, Thomas G 140 Nuggets View
🍀 🍺 🏆 , Aandrew Nelson 140 Celtics View
Who cares anymore 2024, Oakland Assaf 140 Nuggets View
Bald man win, Yasser 140 Celtics View
NBA bracket, Chidoriyama 140 Nuggets View
Derrick White Finals MVP, TuckerLeRat 135 Celtics View
Jokic is king, Caleb 135 Nuggets View
Cream City Brick, Charlie 135 Nuggets View
NAZ MFIN REID , Alistair 135 Nuggets View
Niku's Correct Bracket. , Niku 135 Nuggets View
Probably Very Wrong, Curtis 135 Nuggets View
Dennis GÖATder, Bremax 135 Nuggets View
Brunson Burners, elyod 135 Nuggets View
Greasiest of All Pigs, Greasiest of All Pigs 135 Mavericks View
Wuggets Wation pt. 2, Rylan Chromy 135 Nuggets View
2024-herewego, White Vanilla 135 Knicks View
Sombor Shuffle Repeat, Michael Peters 135 Nuggets View
Jontay Porter’s Bet your Mortgage Locks, Bryan Despain 135 Nuggets View
steph better, Mamba Mentality 135 Nuggets View
AE1, Matt 135 Nuggets View
jd1, John Dobry 135 Celtics View
Take1, JG 135 Nuggets View
Ranking Burritos, Ranking Burritos 135 Nuggets View
Its_the_year_RTRS, Daniel 135 Nuggets View
just here for the spite now, Tenorca 135 Nuggets View
A bracket too small, dev2011! 135 Nuggets View
WembyLover, CosmicJax 130 Celtics View
MH8 , Michel Hakim 130 Nuggets View
Jokic on the top of the world, ZUG 130 Nuggets View
You gotta be RIGHT next to it, Louderup's picks 130 Nuggets View
Cam’s Cankerous Choices, Cam/Bron 130 Nuggets View
GOATers Gonna GOAT, Season Starts Now 130 Nuggets View
DaJohno Blanton Heat Check, Will H 130 Nuggets View
Uhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhhhhhh 130 Celtics View
Mat not Matt, Mathew Jones 130 Celtics View
Lazer, Jordan 130 Nuggets View
BmkarGut, Bmkar PRO 130 Nuggets View
Trailing Edge, gerg 130 Nuggets View
Bracket, sg24354 130 Nuggets View
Team Parmar, Krishan Parmar 130 Celtics View
I Hate My Bracket, Noam Shiff 130 Celtics View
Jalen Brunson, Will You Marry Me?, Henry Thayer 130 Nuggets View
Patel's picks , Niraj Patel 130 Nuggets View
Team Termite, Kevan 130 Nuggets View
LeBracket, Max 130 Nuggets View
The Bracket, Saleee 130 Nuggets View
Bracket 2 , tomey 130 Timberwolves View
Junior22, Hashijr 130 Nuggets View
LENGVAS, abrikosas 130 Lakers View
DA ONE TRUE SCRIPT, Young Dexter’s Laboratory 130 Nuggets View
GreenBeerFloodsBerlin, Andrew Barnes 130 Celtics View
Furkan, winsanity 130 Mavericks View
1, jbb 125 Celtics View
SIXERS, Slugboy 125 76ers View
Fowad1, Fowad 125 Celtics View
Team Danch 3 West Coast , Mark Danchak 125 Mavericks View
DonNzo , Don Nzo 125 Nuggets View
Ozzy for president, Sonka 125 Nuggets View
Fishnets for Hoops, Si Co 125 Celtics View
First bet, Itzik Hadad 125 Celtics View
LA Woman Machine, Where New York Ave Meets 4th of July Canyon 125 Mavericks View
Rockets 2026 Champs, Jalen Green ROTY 125 Nuggets View
Rodney N, Rodney N 125 Celtics View
First Hooponomics Forecast, Lenno 125 Celtics View
real, BracketGod 125 Celtics View
Breakdown , Ghost Rider 125 Celtics View
Rats Off To Ya!, SkoNasty 125 Nuggets View
Dorchester, stand up!, Ben Golliver 125 Celtics View
Let’s go, Degenregen 125 Nuggets View
MFFL, KennethSG 125 Mavericks View
Himbanyama, Brother Fitz 125 Nuggets View
thanasisGOAT, kdavey 125 Nuggets View
BuxNsiX, spags 125 Bucks View
Zoom Zoom, anand m 125 Nuggets View
Ewing 1, Albert 125 Celtics View
Nesporni prvak, Dominik Rasl 125 Mavericks View
AP, Alexander Price 125 Nuggets View
HomelessTermite , Stuart boudreau 125 Nuggets View
Moglis Bracket, Mogli 125 Nuggets View
Zinger , Fjölnir Þrastarson 125 Celtics View
kawaii desu ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა, Jeff Chen 120 Clippers View
Team Danch 2, Mark Danchak 120 Knicks View
Giannis’ game ball, Jared Montierth 120 Nuggets View
bypeheast, bypeheast 120 Nuggets View
The Cam Thomas Crown Affair, BobbyPERu 120 Nuggets View
Ghostrobot, Strathclyde Stupid picks 120 Celtics View
It's a Joker's League, JV Dave 120 Nuggets View
Trust in Kawhi's glass knee, Paddy G 120 Clippers View
CalvinAndHobo, CalvinAndHobo 120 Nuggets View
2-Peat for Murr-Eh, KLOE 120 Nuggets View
sad truth, Sam_Robs (Giannis Truther) 120 Celtics View
Another One, Trevor S 120 Nuggets View
Almost NY, felix from spain 120 Nuggets View
Ben , Ben C 120 Celtics View
Trey Ngo's Bracket 2, Trey Ngo 120 Mavericks View
Ryan, Ryan Myers 120 Lakers View
fraud watch, Brian Massey 120 Thunder View
Keon Ellis is HIM, Luguentz Malort 120 Nuggets View
Anyone but Boston, As the Crow Flies 120 Nuggets View
Vegas Shekel, Oren/Josh 120 Celtics View
Netflix bracket , OKC osvaja! 120 Nuggets View
Steven Adams Island, ricmac 120 Thunder View
All Rippers No Slippers, Jake Pollock 120 Nuggets View
Follow Your Heart, LAtotheA 120 Celtics View
Jokic Dickrider, rugaruga 120 Nuggets View
Dont know, the Knicks?, Christoph 120 Nuggets View
Zion and the National Parks, David Garnett 120 Nuggets View
Time to make history, Drfumblesobrian 120 Nuggets View
Take bracket, A Real Fat Corgi 120 Mavericks View
CoGOAT, JJGoatCo 120 Nuggets View
MichiganCeltics2024, Michael 120 Celtics View
DB 88, DB88 115 Nuggets View
TEAM SHARP, Sharp 115 Celtics View
J bracket, Josh G 115 Nuggets View
Blair Witch Unboxing , Tom Whalen 115 Knicks View
Muchaaaaaachos, Vacmann 115 Celtics View
Ben, NOTNEB! 115 Nuggets View
Arturas Karnisovas, Jim Boylen 115 Celtics View
Philly cheese steak, TermiteNation 115 Nuggets View
Draft pick, David L 115 Thunder View
JB, Chris 115 Celtics View
Mike is right, nowels 115 Celtics View
Nico Batum’s Last Ride, Jake W 115 76ers View
Wemby’s TOO TALL Taunt, Kyle B (Dudley Tech) 115 Nuggets View
Ryan Bowen’s Fundamentals, This One’s For Kleiza 115 Nuggets View
Cam’s Fever Dream, Cam/Bron 115 Lakers View
LBL8, LBL8 115 Celtics View
Reality based bracket, Tom C 115 Celtics View
Team Brandan, Brandan 115 Celtics View
Dr Bill's Green Pill, Dr.BillZ 115 Celtics View
Nuggs stomp on Lucky , Mischa the Prophet 115 Nuggets View
PDS Picks, M.D. Smith 115 Celtics View
valentina, Claudio Podavite 115 Celtics View
DameTime?NotSoMuch, Fairchild 115 Nuggets View
Brunsons Burner Phone Numbers Party, Mrsteve1990 110 Nuggets View
wish at play in, Csery 110 Pacers View
Andy779513, Andy Critchell 110 Thunder View
Luka & The Lukalettes, JFF 110 Mavericks View
BestAvailability, BestAvailability 110 Nuggets View
Banner 18 Boogie , Twelve-Time Enterprises 110 Celtics View
Chenket Bracango, Cal 110 Celtics View
Chris_P_1, Chris_P 110 Nuggets View
Jackson's picks, Jackson from Ohio 110 Nuggets View
Strictly 4 Buckets, Brent 110 Celtics View
go lakers, Atharv Vaish PRO 110 Lakers View
Hero Ball, Kevin Diaz 110 Celtics View
Daryl’s dopest picks, Daryl Morey is a Prevaricator 110 Celtics View
Immaculate Bracket, Nelson 110 Nuggets View
Lane4ls, Lane4ls 110 Celtics View
Goatjames, Nafii 110 Lakers View
Broken Harted Knicks , Carolyn 110 Celtics View
Twelve Time Tatum, kev 110 Celtics View
Servants of King Chet, Servants of King Chet 110 Nuggets View
Nap Time, Nap Time 110 Nuggets View
Stevie Sixers, Steve P 110 Celtics View
Nate's Bracket, Nate 105 Nuggets View
Bing Bongs, Little Eddies 105 Celtics View
the ghost of dillon brooks, magicclarp 105 Thunder View