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Broke as hell, no one in your gang upping bands Would've got bullied in my school, we made fun of hams Told the plug, "Let me see it," then I came running, man Pulled the buffs out my jacket, Cade Cunningham View previous year's results.

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Entry, Owner Score Champion
KBracket, Kassem Bazzi 170 Nuggets View
Hookah Doncic, Kassem Habhab 140 Celtics View
Bracket Name, Wees 135 Mavericks View
Adams bracket, Adam2019 135 Lakers View
KILLA, KILLA_99 120 Celtics View
That’s my favorite sayin , Bano 120 Lakers View
Everybody wanna act tuff when they up , Rami Jaradat 115 Mavericks View
cade n em, Mahdi 110 Celtics View
LeBracket, lilhuss 105 Celtics View
Allen brother bracket, Allen brother 105 Lakers View
ルカ・ドンチッチをファック, Kal 100 Celtics View
Si-Money Fontek, Malik Yehia 95 Celtics View
Nuggets in Four, Mohamed Amran 85 Nuggets View
I’m the MVP and I gotta worry about trade talk!?, zane 80 Mavericks View
Hammer and the Anvil, Big D Z 80 Nuggets View
Ballsack Sports, Houd Mashrah 75 Clippers View
Dame time , Badr 75 Bucks View
Nikola Jotits, Youseph Saad 60 Nuggets View